Introduction to Zen meditation

You’ve definitely heard of the wonders offered by regular meditation: from internal peace and calmness to longer attention span and a better ability to concentrate. Even in the best of times, it might be useful to switch on your awareness internally and spend a couple of quiet minutes following your breath as it goes in and out of the body, and with the ocean of unsettling information that surrounds us now this practice can be even more beneficial. The class at 2 pm (GMT+3) this Saturday is meant to introduce you to Zen meditation, and will include a guided session with a Q&A at the end. Why not try and see if that’s a good fit for you?

Company Chameleon’s dance classes for children 

Now, don’t be skeptical of “children'' in the title – yes, it does mean that the classes are more slow-paced and game-like, but aren’t such pace and attitude something we could all adapt to every once and awhile? If you spend most of your working days sitting in front of a computer with your back bent at an awkward angle, this class will offer a nice stretch for your muscles without straining them too much. And if you’re one of those golden-starred heroes working out at home on the daily, you can tune in to the class at 12 pm (GMT+3) every Saturday as a way of introducing some fun into your routine set of exercises. 

Credit: The Creative Exchange (@norevisions) on

Credit: The Creative Exchange (@norevisions) on


This event, hosted on Saturday (7 pm GMT+3) by Dr. Barbara Sturm, a beauty guru rumored to have found the essence of youth, is meant to unite people from all around the world in the joy of having a face mask – while also raising funds to support the WHO and frontline health workers. Though you can register for free, a small donation to the funds is encouraged. Why not set some time aside and take care of your skin while also possibly helping to save lives all around the world? 

Homeschool Fest

Finally, it wouldn’t have been a complete guide to a self-care weekend without some musical recommendations. Three days, May 8-10, packed to the brim with live performances from hundreds of rather off-the-beaten-track artists – what a chance to unwind to the beat and possibly even discover your next favorite musician. It's a rejuvenating experience to energize you for the week ahead – definitely not something to be missed.