Kraft Bazaar market

A fashion show, an exhibition, a story told through fabrics and styles – this is all Kraft Bazaar, a unique event that brings together craftsmen from all over Russia. This market is your chance to explore an art form often overlooked in our age of mass production and learn more about lesser-known facts in Russian history. You can find tickets here.

Jewels with Secrets. From the Sixteenth to the Twenty-First Centuries

Are you a fan of the film National Treasure? Or maybe Nancy Drew, the girl detective, has always been your role model? Then you might like this exhibition, where every piece has a secret: a hidden compartment, another purpose, or a double meaning. In other words, plenty of ideas for your next quest – now if you come across a 16th-21st century jewel, you will know what it might be hiding and where to look for it.

TheatreHD: Titus Andronicus at Lenfilm

Once again thanks to TheatreHD we have the chance to watch some of the best theatrical performances on the big screen. This time, it’s Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus from the Globe Theatre itself. You can doubtlessly expect some stunning acting and directing, as well as an opportunity to make up your own mind about what is considered to be one of The Bard’s most controversial plays.

Experimental jazz at the Philharmonia

This Sunday, Riad Mammadov, a young Russian musician and music researcher, will perform some of his renditions of a unique merger of genres: jazz and mugham. Both heavily reliant on improvisation and complex interrelations of sounds, these genres present an exciting, unusual combination that will please the ears of all melomaniacs out there.