Sergei Makarov has been serving at the International Research Center For Nanophotonics and Metamaterials for a year. Its` team headed by Pavel Belov, makes progress in research activity by publishing pioneering articles in leading international scientific journals. According to Mr. Makarov, Russian scientists left behind American colleagues when published the article centered around nonlinear response of an individual silicon particle two months previously them. Furthermore ITMO University researchers also presented a paper dedicated to optical nanoresonators made of amorphous materials. The only one month later French researchers also published an article on the same topic. Sergei Makarov shared what helped him and his colleagues to be on a roll.


Interdisciplinary approach

Researchers of Chair of Nano-Photonics and Metamaterials headed by Pavel Belov, initially dealt with microwave metamaterials only. Currently we attract experts in various fields such as nanooptics, telecommunication industry, solid state physics, nonlinear physics and even biophysics. Focusing on a highly specialized discipline one can exhaust all subjects connected with it. That is why it is necessary to expand horizons!


United we stand

Our research team consists of those who develop nanostructures and those who deal with theoretical models. However we always discuss our ideas together. It helps to find mistakes and correct them. Furthermore this approach simplifies the process of writing scientific articles because everyone describes only those processes that correlate with his sphere of interest. Unfortunately many academic teams in Russia consist of students or young researchers and the only one experienced professor who has to assist them. It takes much time, thus he cannot  pay all his attention to developing academic papers. Moreover such projects cannot be interdisciplinary.


International experience

I suppose each successful research team should attract scientists experienced in collaborating with colleagues from different countries, publishing articles in well-known scientific journals. They can share their experience with young researchers. ITMO Fellowship program allows recruiting international researchers. The University also offers students various internship programs in large research centers both in Russia and abroad.  

Our team is also open for talented newcomers. On the one hand, it is easier to collaborate with those who speak Russian fluently, but on the other hand, working together with international researchers is a wonderful opportunity to upgrade English speaking skills.


To be full of enthusiasm

I think that only motivated experts can develop new projects involving other researchers. Our team is very active because we never stop thinking over our research. For example, we can start to discuss a problem in the evening and come up with a solution right the next morning.


Let`s take the lead!

Sometimes we had hardly started dealing with an issue when our colleagues published an article centered around the same problem. In this case we don`t waste time for “Following-up.” It is our main principle to publish pioneering articles and provide relevant research. Every so often we start competing with our colleagues but it is better to turn fierce competition into fruitful collaboration. It is better to discover something new making common cause!

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