Such a composition helps create highly symmetrical flat layers. The widely known graphene also has a similar structure. Substances with a microstructure like this often have unique properties and also form beautiful crystals.

Moreover, scientists discovered that, unlike initial barbiturate and melamine molecules, the new material is luminescent. It can be explained by the fact that it can consume a quantum of high-energy UV radiation and become activated for a short time period. After this, extra energy emits itself in the visible range as a quantum with less energy. In this case, it looks like a soft blue light. By measuring the range of this light, you can get valuable information about the electron composition of the material.

It's a relatively new research topic. Scientists from ITMO University’s Infochemistry Scientific Center began to study it just before the self-isolation began and now they have published an article in the Chemistry: a European Journal. Potentially, this substance can be used as a bioregulator, for example, in bacteria growth experiments.