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  • 5 Phrases to Master the Russian Language

    Despite the general belief, memorizing Russian grammar and phonetic rules can be simple and also fun. The secret is… Learn these five amusing yet helpful phrases to slay the Russian case system, tricky word endings, and, worst of all, stresses.


  • The Most Puzzling Letter of Russian Alphabet

    Today, February 2, is the birthday of Ы – one of the most mysterious letters in the Russian alphabet. How did the letter come about? Is it true that no Russian word starts with ы? And what is its pop-culture impact? Let’s find out.


  • Express Your Emotions Like a Russian

    What would you say if you stubbed your toe? And what about if you saw a cute little cat or doggo? And which words do you dread leaving your mouth the most when you’ve already clicked “send?” In this article, we will look into some common interjections that will help you describe the multitude of your emotions and feelings the Russian way.


  • To Dot or Not To Dot: Letter Ё in Russian Alphabet

    The letter ё (yo), which is currently found in over 15,000 Russian words, not counting names and surnames, was added to the Russian alphabet 240 years ago – but disputes over its usage have persisted ever since. 


  • Learning Russian: Beyond the Classroom

    It's no secret that learning Russian can be hard, but who says it has to be? Here's our rundown of great out-of-class activities, lovingly picked by our Russian teachers, learners, and yours truly, to help you make progress while having fun.


  • Songs in Languages We Don’t Speak

    There’s something beautiful about songs in foreign languages, isn’t there? You can’t understand the lyrics, so you pay more attention to the melody or, perhaps, you try to guess the words. Please welcome our musical favorites in mysterious – to us, anyway – tongues.


  • Russian Visas, Language Classes and Studying Abroad: Navigating ITMO’s International Office

    Located in the historical part of ITMO University’s Lomonosova St. campus, the International Office is an awesome hub for all things international. With over 250 administrative, research and teaching staff and over 20 departments and labs, the Institute of International Development and Partnership, headed by Daria Kozlova, has become a huge part of the university’s machinery. There are lecturers, researchers, translators, and support staff for students and faculty, all striving to help the university make its international students and staff feel truly at home.


  • Student Spotlight: Kaykhan Noyan, Afghanistan

    Motivation plays a big role in determining one’s course of action. For Kaykhan, the motivation to study in Russia came from the movies. Growing up as a child in Afghanistan, he watched numerous Russian movies that instilled in him a strong feeling of love and belonging toward the country. To fulfill his dream of living in Russia, Kaykhan enrolled in ITMO’s Bachelor's Program in Computer Systems and Technologies. What has he been up to since? Read on to find out.


  • Learning Russian: International Students’ Insights

    Although native Russian speakers can never relate to how hard it can be to learn their mother tongue, our international students do! Moreover, they not only struggle but also succeed. For this article, we asked them to share their top tips and useful resources that’ll make your path to mastering Russian fun and comprehensive.


  • ITMO’s Russian Language and Culture Summer School: An Online Experience

    For the sixth year in a row, ITMO is bringing Russian language and culture to the world. Although the school was conducted online for the third time, this format helped to expand the school’s reach. This year we had students from 10 different countries join the school to improve their language skills and also get a deep dive into Russian culture, cinema, history and politics.