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  • ITMO's FutureTechnologies Accelerator - New Projects

    The fourth selection round of startups for ITMO's FutureTechnologies accelerator ended in choosing 16 of the best IT, science-driven and hardware projects.  With each year, the accelerator’s range of projects widens. At first, there was a separate program for IT projects, and only hardware projects were included. Last year, all of the business accelerator's programs were united under the FutureTechnologies ITMO brand. Let's take a look at how the program changed and what startups were chosen this time.


  • A Million Dollars for VeeRoute

    VeeRoute company, a resident of ITMO’s Business Incubator, has managed to attract over a million dollars from a venture fund of Bank Saint Petersburg and a consortium of business angels. 


  • “YellowRockets:” How Russian Startupers Enter Global Markets

    In 2014, YellowRockets  (the previous name StartupSamara) was a small community with rare meetings – now it is a large accelerator, which already attracted over 600 million rub for startups and entered different international markets. According to the accelerator’s head Sergei Bogdanov, its main achievement is that more and more young entrepreneurs are interested in this activity. 


  • ITMO's Technology Brokering School: Results and Prospects

    The three-month course at ITMO's Technology Brokering School has come to an end; last Monday, its graduates presented their projects to an expert jury. Which projects got into the finals, how the School will continue to develop and what the Fundit Fundraising School is about - read that and more in our article.


  • Algorithms Fighting Hazards: the Soter Analytics Startup

    Last year, founders of the Soter Analytics Company started to work on a system that will allow to decrease the occurrence of occupational injuries, be that in offices or in mines, where a single wrong move may cost the worker his life. Their prototype has already been tested in the harsh conditions of an Australian desert. In only a year, Soter Analytics succeeded in becoming a partner of one of Australia's largest mining companies and getting 20,000 Euros from the Startup Wise Guys accelerator, and is now set on getting 500,000 more from different companies throughout the world. ITMO.NEWS learned what working in the desert is like, and how artificial intelligence can make manual labor safer. 


  • IT and Fashion: How Will Technologies Revolutionize the Fashion Industry

    A smart jacket that can charge your smartphone, ties that blink according to one’s mood, biometric sportswear and haute couture dresses that change color - with each year, there are more and more smart fashion items, and technologies gradually conquer podiums. Yet, will that all be limited to dynamically lit jewelry or smart fabrics controlled with an iPhone? Surely not, believes Konstantin Karmanchik, advisor to ITMO's Innovations Office and founder of the CLMI venture integrator. Big Data, machine learning and artificial intelligence - all of that will soon allow any user to suit up in two clicks, as well as help designers to better understand the market's demands. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, Mr. Karmanchik shared about what new fashion-startups should be like, what technologies will revolutionize the industry and how ITMO's research can contribute to that.


  • From Idea to Business in Eight Weeks: The Second Session of ITMO 3.0 Reload

    About half a year ago, ITMO's student Malika Abdullaeva decided to replace protein cocktails with ice-cream that’s stripped from everything sportsmen avoid while "shredding" - fats, sugar and the like. The idea was suggested by her friend, who worked as a fitness instructor, and with help from ITMO 3.0 Reload, Malika succeeded in bringing the project to the point of actually having the end product. In just several months, her team Pro&Ice has not only perfected the recipe, but also brought it to the minimum viable product stage and even pitched their project in Finland, and is now getting ready to receive their first investment. Yet, there is more to come, believes Konstantin Peresh, ITMO 3.0's coordinator. On March, 29th, ITMO 3.0's second season starts, and several tens more students will get the opportunity to work with the university's technologies, study the market and make their first steps to launching their own businesses. In an interview to ITMO.NEWS, he shared about the project's details.


  • Startups from an Ice-Hole:

    Oulu, a small town in the north of Finland, recently hosted the Polar Bear Pitching contest for innovative startups. The contest's main feature is its original format: all the developers present their projects while standing waist-deep in an ice-hole. This was the fourth time that the contest was held in Oulu; it has already attracted the attention of foreign startupers, so the project's geography constantly grows. This year, participants from ITMO University participated in the contest, as well.


  • Good Product: One-Click Food by Young Entrepreneurs

    Oleg Novikov and Mikhail Kozlov, residents of Future Technologies accelerator, talked about their unique project of food delivery service, which allows to forget about staying in lines at supermarkets and makes farm food more affordable.


  • How to Make an Ideal Pitch and Win the Investor: Lessons and Tips from the Saint-Startup Forum

    How can a first year student create his first serious business, or persuade an investor in just 4 minutes? These and many more questions were answered at the Saint-Startup Forum last Saturday at ITMO University. The event included business games, quests, meeting with investors, an "ideal pitch session" and the final battle of startups — not to speak of life-hacks, unique success cases, and many advices from the market's experts.