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  • Student Spotlight: Mina Hakim, Egypt

    Meet Mina Hakim, an international student from Egypt who is a jack of all trades. A first-year industrial ecology Master’s student, he’s also involved in lots of activities, from volleyball to volunteering. Our conversation turned into a pretty interesting discussion in no time. Read along to learn about his exciting project and much more.


  • Second Life: 5 Russian Upcycling Brands

    From indestructible bags to Frankenstein-like sweaters, Russian brands are finding ways to turn recycled materials into eco-friendly fashion statements. Here’s our top pick of local companies that contribute to sustainable development without losing their style.


  • EduEnvi: Towards Sustainable Development and Waste Management in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Europe

    The EduEnvi program concluded with a final conference at ITMO University that brought together representatives of six Russian and Kazakh universities with European partners joining online. Read on to learn the main results of the four-year-long project and its prospects.


  • What Will Happen if Everyone Switches To Electric Cars?

    Scientists from Tallinn University of Technology, Aalto University, and ITMO University have researched how charging of electric cars influences the electricity distribution networks. By studying different types of electric cars, batteries, charging profiles, and habits of users, they have suggested a rational model for charging electric vehicles with minimal load on the electric grid.


  • Break Down by Atoms: Obsession-Free Eco-Lifestyle and Space Explorations

    Every month, the Break Down by Atoms popular science talk show by the Informational Center for Atomic Energy brings together all kinds of people who enjoy exploring the world of science. As always, several experts from entirely different fields give short talks on a common topic – the first event in 2021 was dedicated to balance.


  • What Fashion and Urban Design Have in Common

    Why is the fashion of the future related to cities? How to make the production of clothes more eco-friendly? Olga Johnston Antonova, a leading expert in sustainable fashion in Russia and creator of the Redshift in Fashion project, talked about the eco-footprint of the fashion industry and common goals of urban design and fashion at an online lecture for ITMO students.


  • GreenTech: ITMO University Launches a New Faculty

    ITMO University has recently introduced a new faculty – the Faculty of Energy and Ecotechnology – that will train future specialists in the field of sustainable energy and hydrogen technologies, as well as offer updated versions of educational programs in refrigeration, cryogenics, air conditioning, and ventilation.


  • Beneath the Pavement, Not the Beach: First Art & Science Conference on Soil

    In 2013, the United Nations declared December 5 as the first official World Soil Day, and ever since, it has been held annually throughout the world. In Russia, it was first celebrated at the Dokuchaev Central Soil Museum, named after a pioneer of soil science.


  • Inside the Industrial Ecology and Cleaner Production Master’s Program at ITMO University

    The Industrial Ecology and Cleaner Production program launched at ITMO University just a few years ago but quickly became popular among applicants. Recently, the program kicked off in a new format. Learn more about the program’s main subjects and the international opportunities available to its students in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • App Developed by an ITMO Student Won the VK Mini Apps Contest

    Simply Eco (Эко просто) is a project based on a VK page and a mini app. It was created by students from several St. Petersburg universities, including ITMO University. They discussed the features of the app with us and explained how it helps to become environmentally friendly.