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  • ITMO Accelerator Launches First Program to Support FoodTech Startups

    Apart from the regular acceleration program, this year, ITMO Accelerator launches a special track for foodtech projects, where participants will be guided by Uralchem Innovation and the university’s own experts. Those joining the program will learn to manage a team, choose markets, and find investors for their foodtech startups. The best startup teams will have the chance to launch their projects with the partner company. Here is all you need to know about the new program.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #12

    Thinking about moving into the metaverse? In our latest science news roundup, we’ve got: answers to all your questions about the virtual world, a new Master’s track, an upcoming online learning platform from ITMO, and a summary of the university’s historical 24-hour science marathon.


  • Edible Tableware, Ecomonitoring, and Smart Packaging: Graduation Projects of ITMO Students in Innovation Entrepreneurship

    This summer, ITMO’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations (FTMI) held a thesis defense where future foodtech entrepreneurs presented their graduation projects and startup ideas. Keep reading to learn more about what ideas students came up with, when their products will make it to stores and restaurants, and what they have to say about today’s market.


  • ITMO Hosts First Research Summer Camp in Biotechnology

    ITMO University recently hosted the first Research Summer Camp in Biotechnology, organized by the international research center "Biotechnologies of the Third Millenium." Participants from nine countries including China, India, Egypt, and Turkey gathered to learn about cutting-edge methods and research trends in food biotechnologies. 


  • Fork up Night Meetup: Dealing With Challenges in FoodTech Industry

    We often hear about successes in business, but what does it actually take to build a prosperous company? At the Fork up Night meetup, representatives of FoodTech companies shared their experiences of ups and downs when launching projects in the field of alternative food production. Here are the highlights of the event.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #1

    Here at ITMO.NEWS, we’re always making sure to share with you the latest news about the tremendous work accomplished by our university’s researchers. In case you missed any of them, here’s a quickfire roundup of the past week’s breakthroughs and discoveries.


  • Foods for Longevity and Green Living: BioTech Today

    How do innovative foods extend the human lifespan and improve our quality of life? What kinds of projects in this field are ITMO scientists working on right now? These and other subjects were covered at the Ecology & Biotechnology session of the 51st International Scientific, Educational, and Methodological Conference at ITMO University. ITMO.NEWS spoke to the session’s participants to find out more about their projects and discover which subjects of Food- and BioTech will gain in relevance in the near future.


  • FoodTech Specialist

    Today, the term “FoodTech” commonly refers to things like food and grocery delivery services. They account for over half of the total volume of the global FoodTech market and the bulk of the Russian one. But FoodTech is actually more than that – it’s about the integration of digital technologies into the entire supply chain, starting from farms and production facilities and all the way to food recycling. In the first issue of our special project What Will You Be? we’ll explore what it’s like to work in the food industry and what you can learn at ITMO University’s FoodTech Master’s program.


  • Hult Prize On Campus 2020: Results, Participants, and Projects

    On December 6, ITMO Technopark hosted the final stage of the Hult Prize On Campus competition. The jury announced the winning team that will present its project in one of the European capitals.


  • FoodTech Master’s Program Head Olesya Volokh: Food Is Always in Fashion

    ITMO University’s Faculty of Biotechnologies (or BioTech) is actively renewing its educational program lineup. Olesya Volokh, a science team leader at Danone Russia and a researcher at Lomonosov Moscow State University, has joined the faculty team to help them in that effort. ITMO.NEWS met with Dr. Volokh to chat about science, FoodTech, and what the program’s students should expect from the updated curriculum.