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  • Best Graduation Papers Among ITMO Students

    Two students of the Physics of Nanostructures Bachelor’s and Physics and Technology of Nanostructures Master’s programs won the national competition for the best graduation papers in the category Photonics, Instrumentation, Optical Biotechnical Systems, and Technologies.


  • Reservoir Computing and New Surgical Materials: This Year’s Presidential Grant-Winning Projects by ITMO’s Young Scientists

    The Council for Grants of the President of the Russian Federation has published the results of its grant contest for young scientists. This year, eight researchers from ITMO working in different fields – physics, chemistry and technical sciences – made it onto the list of winners.


  • Green Energy, Leadership Training, and Talent Scouting: Highlights From Day Two of Congress of Young Scientists

    The Sirius Park of Science and Art in Sochi continues to host the National Congress of Young Scientists. The event’s second day has included over 50 sessions, talks, and discussions; the informal part of the program featured quests, science battles, intellectual games, and a rather unusual chess tournament.


  • ITMO PhD Student ‪Pavel Tonkaev‬ on His Path to Science and Applied Nanophotonics

    Pavel Tonkaev started his Master’s at ITMO University in 2017 after graduating from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU). Since his second year here, Pavel has been studying perovskite materials in nanophotonics and optoelectronics. Current studies suggest that these materials may not only become the future of solar energy but also set the stage for various other technologies, from the creation of sensitive photodetectors to the study of living cells. In this article, Pavel talks about how to get into research in the second year of your Bachelor's, how his discoveries can help people in the future, and why scientists shouldn’t stick to one perspective.


  • ITMO Launches Two New Labs for Young Researchers

    As a result of a contest held as part of the Science and Universities national project by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, six new AI-focused laboratories are to open in St. Petersburg. Two of them have already launched at ITMO University – read on to learn about the way composite AI and intelligent technologies for infochemistry will be studied at ITMO.


  • Highlights from the International Young Scientists Conference in Computational Science 2021

    The 10th International Young Scientists Conference in Computational Science (YSC) took place in early July at ITMO University. This year, the conference took place online and involved Master’s and PhD students from more than ten different countries. Read on to learn all about YSC’s topics, lecturers, and participants.


  • Scientific Leadership: ITMO Hosts PI School by SCAMT

    The PI School is designed for young scholars wishing to learn how to put together teams, pose scientific objectives, seek project funding, and publish their results in major peer-reviewed journals. At the end of the one-week course, students will present their roadmaps for creating research laboratories that will be noticed not only in Russia but also in the world.


  • ITMO Dean Sergey Makarov on Profession, Publicity, and Scientific Openness

    Sergey Makarov is one of the youngest DSc holders at ITMO University. Together with Anvar Zakhidov, a professor at the University of Texas in Dallas, he led the formation of ITMO’s Laboratory of Hybrid Nanophotonics and Optoelectronics. Sergey has been nominated for various awards, including the President of Russia Award for Young Scientists in the Field of Science and Innovation and Research Excellence Award Russia as the youngest and most productive author in materials sciences. Not only does he run the laboratory, conduct research, and publish articles but also organizes conferences and international schools, and works as an editor in two scientific journals. ITMO.NEWS talked to Sergey to learn more about how to succeed in science, why it is important to reach out to the widest audience, what football players and scientists have in common, and whether it is possible to research on your own.


  • School for Young Scientists: ITMO University Hosts PI School by SCAMT

    The school will feature presentations by leading scholars from different parts of Russia who will speak about their research teams known in the country and abroad. Participants will be able to create laboratories at their higher education institutions with the support of the school’s mentors. The school is organized by ITMO University and the Center for Strategic Research North-West.


  • Two ITMO Scientists Receive Award from Academia Europaea's Russian Club

    Maxim Gorlach and Valentin Milichko, staff members of the Faculty of Physics and Engineering, have been recognized by Academia Europaea for their achievements in physics and chemistry.