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  • Jack and Jill: Researchers Develop Novel Test to Efficiently Measure Human Cognitive Abilities

    An international team of researchers, including Maxim Likhanov, a laureate of the ITMO Fellowship and Professorship program, has created a new visual test called The Jack & Jill Working Memory Task. The new testing system has already been employed to investigate the relationships between working memory and musical abilities, academic performance and behavioral problems. What are the other benefits of the new test and how can it be used? Read on to find out.


  • Physicist Tatiana Orlova On New Materials for Soft Robotics and Working in Europe

    In 2007, Tatiana Orlova received her PhD in solid state and liquid crystals physics from the Institute of Physics of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences. Since then, she has collaborated with Strasbourg University and the University of Bordeaux in France, the University of Twente in the Netherlands, and the University of Southampton in England. Two years ago, she joined the ITMO Fellowship & Professorship program that brings together experts in different fields. In this interview, we asked Tatiana about her international experiences, the projects she is working on at ITMO, and the advice she’d give to young researchers. 


  • ITMO Fellowship Stories: Prof. Michael Nosonovsky on Triboinformatics, Working Across an Ocean, and Latin Dance

    ITMO Fellowship & Professorship is a program that brings together researchers working in different fields. This year, Prof. Michael Nosonovsky became one of its participants. Having received his PhD in Applied Mechanics from Northeastern University in 2001, he now heads the Triboinformatics Group at ITMO’s Inforchemistry Scientific Center. Read along to learn how Prof. Nosonovsky manages working at ITMO from the US, what the applications of tribology are, and where he finds the time for Latin dancing and Asian studies. 


  • ITMO Fellowship & Professorship Participants Discuss Their Research Projects

    ITMO Fellowship & Professorship is a program that provides international scientists and Russian researchers working abroad with an opportunity to conduct research or teach at ITMO. This year, 15 scientists joined ITMO University as fellows and 23 specialists participated in short-term tracks of the program remotely. Read on to find out what they are engaged in and what they plan to do at ITMO.


  • ITMO Fellowship Stories: ‪Maxim Likhanov on Importance of Spatial Skills and Synergy Between Chemistry and Neuroscience

    In 2019, Maxim Likhanov graduated from Tomsk State University with a PhD in philology. Two years later, he won the chance to do his research at ITMO University as part of ITMO Fellowship and Professorship Program. ITMO.NEWS talked to the scientist to learn more about how to succeed in chemistry, why spatial skills are important, and how they’ve transformed his life.


  • ITMO Fellowship Stories: Scientist Dmitry Karlovets on Research Programs in Russia and Germany

    After earning his PhD in theoretical physics in 2008, Dmitry Karlovets joined a postdoc program in Germany where he spent another three years. In 2021, the scientist joined ITMO.Family as a research fellow at the School of Physics and Engineering. In this article, Dmitry speaks about why he decided to pursue his academic career in Germany, explains the difference between research programs in Russia and abroad, and shares his academic goals for the future.


  • ITMO Fellowship Stories: Daniel Sapori on His Decision to Pursue Science in Russia

    Daniel Sapori came from France to St. Petersburg to do applied research on perovskite solar cells. Now, he works at ITMO’s Laboratory of Hybrid Nanophotonics and Optoelectronics under the supervision of Sergey Makarov.


  • ITMO Launches Russia’s First English-Language Master’s Program in Public Health Sciences

    What are public health sciences and what does a specialist in that field do? How has the pandemic affected the demand for health sciences experts? ITMO University’s Center for Science Communication is launching a new English-language Master’s program titled Public Health Sciences. We spoke to Anton Barchuk, head of the program, about its educational process and the career prospects of its graduates.


  • New Dean of Biotech Mikhail Kurushkin about the Future of the Faculty

    Before the start of this academic year, the Faculty of Food Biotechnology and Engineering got a new name and is now the Faculty of Biotechnologies (or Biotech). ITMO.NEWS talked to Mikhail Kurushkin, the newly appointed dean of the faculty about his plans for Biotech’s future development.


  • Researcher Svetlana Ulasevich on Fighting Resistant Bacteria With Ultrasound

    Svetlana Ulasevich is an associate professor and researcher at ITMO University’s Infochemistry Scientific Center, as well as a specialist in sonochemistry, electrochemistry, and biomimetic materials.