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  • Venture Investment: What It Is and How to Work With It

    We’ve written down the main talking points of a webinar on collaborating with venture funds for beginners.


  • Residents of ITMO Accelerator Are Working on the VR Superstar Project

    Yana Artishcheva has been in the game industry for over 20 years, nine of which – in VR application development. In April 2020, her team became a resident of ITMO Accelerator. They work on a project for a virtual filming studio that would allow users to create quality videos without a group of actors and extras, equipment, and a filming set. Yana Artishcheva shared with us what VR Superstar is and for whom it is meant.


  • Coffee Map Project: Coffee to Go Without Waiting and Queues

    ITMO Accelerator’s residents, the team of the Coffee Map project, have come up with a way to introduce information technologies into coffee culture. ITMO.NEWS spoke with the startup’s founder Ivan Zverev to find out more.


  • AR Technologies at Home: FASTEP Startup Team on Easy-to-Understand Manuals for Household Appliances

    In June 2020, the company Spider Group, a resident of ITMO University’s Accelerator, will present to the general public its brand-new app FASTEP. The development includes 1,500 step-by-step manuals for five classes of household appliances: washing machines, microwave ovens, slow cookers, ovens, and hobs. The app will help consumers navigate their way around using the appliances with the help of augmented reality (AR) technologies. The team discussed the business idea, the product’s audience, and their participation in ITMO Accelerator in this interview with ITMO.NEWS. 


  • Life After MVP: How Startups Can Avoid the Post-Acceleration “Crash and Burn”

    In late March, ITMO University’s Accelerator launched a new educational program. Its first lecture focused on how startups can enter the market after building their MVP, set up sales, and find their niche. Andrey Popov, the founder of Rocket University and a “tracker” for the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) and the Russian Venture Company (RVC), explained how to hold on to one’s spot on the market and find the right customer base. Find a quick summary of the lecture below.


  • Digitalization of Construction, Helping Dyslexic Kids and an Online Training Bot: The Graduates of ITMO’s Pre-Accelerator

    ITMO University’s Pre-Accelerator program ended recently. Participants went from an idea to an actual business project over four months of work. The twenty best teams presented their products at the open Demo Day. The jury members – experts and business representatives – evaluated the projects in terms of thoroughness and potential and chose the top three projects. In this article we’ll talk about the results of the program and the best projects.