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  • High School Students Present Their Research at VII Congress of Young Scientists

    ITMO University recently hosted the VII Congress of Young Scientists, an event that aims to promote science to the younger generation. In the course of the event, experts can assess the future scientists' level of training, and the participants get the chance to compare themselves against each other. Apart from students from Russia's different universities, many talented high school students also participated in the Congress. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, the youngest attendees spoke about their research projects, explained what motivates them to do science, and shared their impressions of the event.


  • SCAMT Lab's Anna Fakhardo Talks Nanobots and Cancer Research

    How does the nation’s top IT university develop biotechnologies? By bringing in the right researchers! Anna Fakhardo, a second-year PhD student at ITMO’s International Laboratory “Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies” (SCAMT), is one of the first to initiate biological research at the lab. The young scientist also oversees two projects as part of the Pharma 2020 federal program, which both include pre-clinical trials. In late 2017, she became the recipient of the SCAMT Achievement Award. ITMO.NEWS spoke to Anna about her research.


  • Eleven ITMO Scientists Receive Presidential Scholarships

    The Russian Ministry of Education and Science, along with the Presidential Grant Council, have announced the results of the open competition for presidential scholarships. These scholarships are provided to young scientists and postgraduate students who work on R&D in top-priority areas vital to the modernization of the Russian economy in 2018-2020. More than 2,000 applications were made; among 575 scholarship winners, 11 came from ITMO University.


  • RoboFinist Festival: Teaching Robotics to Kids

    Teachers and educators from all over the country gathered at the International Robotics Festival RoboFinist to discuss how to teach robotics in schools and make children interested in engineering and programming. The festival’s program included a roundtable discussion on the international experience in educational robotics, a symposium and competitions in several dozen categories. At the event, ITMO University had its own area where visitors could try out 3D-pens, look at holograms and get involved in childrens’ robotics.


  • ITMO's Young Scientists Get Grants as Part of UMNIK Program

    On September 29, ITMO University hosted the awards ceremony for the UMNIK grant of the Innovation Promotion Fund. Young scientists received grants in the fields of IT, medicine, materials science, hardware systems, and biotech. Among the awardees were four representatives of ITMO University. ITMO.NEWS learned about the new promising projects by the young scientists.


  • RACIRI-2017 Summer School in Sweden

    The RACIRI-2017 Summer School took place in Ronneby, Sweden this year from 19 to 26 August. The topic of the school was “Best X-Ray and Neutron Sources in the World”. ITMO University was represented on the international science scene by Nikita Prasolov, a PhD student from the Department of Modern Functional Materials. Read our article to learn about our young scientist’s research, and what happened at this years RACIRI school.


  • Aleksandra Kalashnikova: We Need to Reconsider PhD Students’ Status

    Aleksandra Kalashnikova, lecturer at ITMO's Department of Dielectric and Semiconductor Photonics and senior research fellow at Ioffe Institute, has become deputy chair of the Russian Presidential Coordination Council on Youth Affairs in Science and Education.  In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, she spoke about the Council's work and the different problems they are trying to solve.


  • Young Scientists from ITMO University Receive Presidential Grants

    On May 30, during a special ceremony, 53 young scientists from St. Petersburg's universities and institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg were given presidential grants. ITMO University was represented by five researchers who received grants in the Physics and Astronomy category. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, the researchers shared about their research.


  • VI Congress of Young Scientists: Students Share Their Stories

    ​14 years ago, ITMO University conducted the first inter-university conference for young scientists. At that time, about a hundred young researchers participated in the event,and the program consisted of six sections. Since then, the conference got national recognition and eventually got the status of a congress. Last Tuesday, the IV Congress of Young Scientists took place. This time, its program includes 50 sections, 20 sessions of different science schools and 3 round tables. Several contests were also part of the event, including the one on science reports that allowed its winners enter a Master's program at ITMO University without taking any exams. More than two thousand young scientists and students gathered for the conference this time. ITMO.NEWS spoke to some of the participants so as to learn their opinion on the current state of scientific community in Russia and the position of the younger generation of researchers in it.