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  • Places to Visit in St. Petersburg for Free This Summer

    …beautiful landscapes and serene atmosphere. It offers various activities during the summer, and entry to the island itself is free on weekdays (there is a nominal entry fee on weekends and holidays). Yelagin Island is a popular spot for picnics, cycling, walking, jogging, and playing outdoor games. During the summer months, Yelagin Island often hosts cultural events …


  • My First Experience of the Russian Winter

    …t ice skating. Ice skating can be said to be one of the most popular winter sports here in this city. From New Holland, to Yelagin Island, to Sevkabel Port, I spend most of my weekends ice rink hopping. I am still at beginner level and very often fall multiple times before completing one full circle around the rink but I can say that I am thoroughly enjoying the proc…


  • Mental Health Challenges Among International Students

  • ITMO Graduate Trang Nguyen on Experience in Russia

    … What do you do in your free time? I really enjoy interesting conversations, so I'm always down for long walks or coffee chats with friends or new people I just met over weekends or anytime I don't have to study. After all your years of living here, what do you wish you’d known when you first arrived? Russian people are lovely, they have cold faces becaus…


  • Lake Ladoga: A Quick Getaway from St. Petersburg

  • ITMO Orienteering Fall 2021: Results and achievements

    …tantin Alyabiev, who took prize places almost every time. As for me — I took 4th place at every local championship. However, all members of our Kronbars team worked hard every weekend and deserve respect. The last major event at which Kronbars orienteering athletes were participating was the Junior Russian Championship in Belgorod held in early November. Our team …


  • GTD or Getting Things Done: A World Without Worries Over Forgotten Things

    …t time aside for collecting every bug. How much time do you need? About 10 to 20 hours. Personally, I was doing these steps for a week, two hours a day. But if you have a free weekend you can dedicate your Sunday to implementing GTD. Second of all, where to collect everything. It depends on your preferences and your imagination. You can use whatever you like that …


  • Unusual Places Outside of St. Petersburg

    …bustle. Its remoteness from the city guarantees a minimum number of people, even in the midst of the tourist season. This is a perfect place for a short hike or picnic for the weekend. The lake can be reached by suburban trains. From the nearest train station, you can go on foot along hiking trails or by car, for example ordering a taxi. The water in the lake is clea…


  • Exploring St. Petersburg’s Views

  • (Ex)change your life

    … life. On the day I arrived, my neighbors invited me to a party. I just landed and I was already dancing and trying The Real German Beer. And it didn’t finish until now. Every weekend you may be invited for a cozy beer pong at a friend’s apartment or for a wild party on campus. And it’s not that people in Germany drink a lot (of course they do), it’s that all student…