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  • ITMO University in Top Five for Admissions Quality Among Bachelor’s Students, Study Says

    The results of the yearly survey of the quality of enrollment at Russian universities have been released. ITMO university ranked among the top five for tuition-free admissions. The average Unified State Exam score for first-year applicants to state-funded positions was 93.7 (out of a hundred).


  • Results of ITMO University’s Admission Campaign 2022

    This year's admission campaign is now over and all students who made it through are officially enrolled. Learn more about this year’s admission stats, as well as new features and opportunities for students in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • ITMO Launches New Corporate Master’s Track in Battery Production

    ITMO University and Istochnik, a Russian-based battery manufacturer, partnered up to open a new corporate track that will let students delve deep into the processes of battery production, tackle associated research and engineering problems together with practicing specialists, and acquire hands-on experience. The new track will be part of the Master’s program Digital Technologies in Manufacturing.


  • Record Number of Students Enroll at ITMO via Academic Competitions

    During the 2022 admissions campaign, ITMO University has welcomed into its ranks 609 winners of national and regional academic competitions. This is a record number for both St. Petersburg and the university itself, exceeding the second top university’s count by almost twofold.


  • ITMO’s Interactive Area for Travelers Opens at Pulkovo Airport

    No matter your reason for coming to St. Petersburg, you can now learn all about the best places to visit in the city and every available opportunity right at Pulkovo Airport. How? By visiting ITMO’s unique interactive area, where any traveler will be able to plan their route, score discounts at Roof Fest, Lenfilm, and Yandex, as well as learn about applying to ITMO University.


  • ITMO Quest: A Mysterious Haiku in the Streets of St. Petersburg

    A mysterious haiku that appeared on billboards all around St. Petersburg led over 5,000 curious minds to a hardcore IT quest designed by ITMO’s experts. The first participant to get through all of the challenges secured the main prize – a place in one of the university’s Bachelor’s programs.


  • ITMO’s GreenTech Launches New Master’s Program in Environmental and Technosphere Safety

    ITMO’s Faculty of Energy and Ecotechnology (GreenTech) has launched a new program in environmental and technosphere safety, where students will also learn about metrology and standardization. Knowledge in these fields can be used for sustainable development, as well as at various organizations – from industry and engineering companies to governmental agencies. 


  • ITMO’s Faculty of Physics to Train Experts in Wireless Technologies

    Wireless Technologies, a new Bachelor’s program, is launching this year at the Faculty of Physics. The curriculum is tailored to students interested in radiophysics and high tech who are looking to pursue a career in industry or academia. Here is all you need to know about the program.


  • Congress of Young Scientists 2022: Participants Share Their Experience

    This year’s Congress of Young Scientists marked the fifth time ITMO University played host to the major scientific event that guides aspiring researchers and scientists into the world of science. Over this time, the conference brought together thousands of university and school students, with this year reaching an audience of over 2,000 participants. ITMO.NEWS talked to the participants of 22’ to learn more about why they decided to join the event and how they came up with their research ideas.


  • Admissions Office Opens at ITMO

    This Monday, June 20, ITMO University threw open the doors of its admissions office for applicants wishing to apply in person. This year, all prospective students can learn more about ITMO and its programs, as well as submit their documents, at Kronverksky Prospekt 49. As usual, online admissions are also open.