The overall goal of the cooperation is to train and fully engage students in the development and production of rechargeable batteries, thus boosting the enterprise’s scientific potential and taking steps towards energy storage systems.

“The battery industry needs both tried-and-tested methods and innovative solutions to grow. That’s why we want to train a new generation of professionals who will be able to join our research departments and production,” comments Mikhail Morozov, the deputy general director of the Istochnik company. 

As explained by Yuriy Andreev, the head of the Master’s program, today’s market experiences a shortage of qualified specialists who are well-versed in production processes and digital ways to optimize them, and the new track will help to solve this problem in a particular enterprise. 

“One of the university’s priorities is to build strong and long-term relations with major high-tech companies like Istochnik. Together, we will be able to train versatile digital experts who can not only work with high-tech equipment but also develop new technologies and optimize their production,” notes Yuriy Andreev.

Yuriy Andreev. Credit: ITMO.NEWS

Yuriy Andreev. Credit: ITMO.NEWS

The curriculum

Blending theory and practice, the program will first introduce students to the basics of electrochemistry, metrology, and production management and then provide them with opportunities to work in the industry, develop innovative solutions, and put them into action during their second year of studies. 

Apart from that, students will also be able to conduct full-fledged scientific research under the guidance of qualified experts and use the results they will obtain in their thesis. For instance, they can choose to study manufacturing procedures behind the production of cylindrical rechargeable batteries or find ways to improve battery reliability. Those students who will perform exceptionally well during their studies and internships will receive a scholarship and a job offer from the company. 

“We will hire the most successful students after graduation. Since we’re aiming for the new market, we need to expand our team and attract new specialists,” notes Mikhail Morozov.

Mikhail Morozov. Photo by ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics

Mikhail Morozov. Photo by ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics

How to apply

Prospective students can enroll into the program via:

  • Entrance exams that evaluate knowledge in the fields of metrology, manufacturing technologies, and automation of the production;
  • Transfer credit of the state final examination;
  • ITMO’s MegaContest;
  • The Congress of Young Scientists;
  • I Am a Professional contest;

Learn more about the program here

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