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  • ITMO and ASCON Develop Mockup to Automate Large-Scale Production

    ITMO’s Engineering and Technology Center and Russian engineering software company ASCON have developed a mockup of a smart factory that has the potential to increase production efficiency and produce quality through planning and management. The solution was presented at the international conference INNOPROM 2023 in Yekaterinburg.


  • IT and Chemistry for New Medicine: ITMO Hosts Digital Pharmacology Hackathon

    Recently, ITMO’s Infochemistry Scientific Center, the AI platform Sintelli, and the Moscow Center for Intelligent Healthcare organized a hackathon focused on predictive modeling in digital pharmacology. The participants brainstormed machine learning models that can accelerate the production of novel medicines, reduce their side effects, and, importantly, limit animal testing. Over 100 students from 47 Russian regions joined the contest, with the winners sharing the 1-million-ruble prize and securing their places in the online Master’s program Chemistry Software.


  • AI in Medicine: Obstacle or Boon?

    Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly common in the medical field. Today, neural networks are used in diagnostics systems and to develop new medicines. But what about run-of-the-mill hospitals? Could AI improve the quality of everyday healthcare and reduce the workload for medical specialists? At ITMO University’s new laboratory Digital Technologies in Public Health, developers and medical specialists work together to put such systems into practice. We spoke to Anna Andreychenko, the head of the laboratory, about the benefits of automation in medicine and why clinicians shouldn’t be wary of AI.


  • The Future of AI: ITMO Scientists Present Cutting-Edge Projects

    Scientists from ITMO University have presented innovative open-source products in the field of machine learning (ML) and related digital technologies that received grants from the National Technological Initiative (NTI) and the federal project Artificial Intelligence. The presentation of the projects, which took place on December 14, was attended by government officials, entrepreneurs, and experts. Find out more about the field’s advances in this article. 


  • ITMO Launches New Corporate Master’s Track in Battery Production

    ITMO University and Istochnik, a Russian-based battery manufacturer, partnered up to open a new corporate track that will let students delve deep into the processes of battery production, tackle associated research and engineering problems together with practicing specialists, and acquire hands-on experience. The new track will be part of the Master’s program Digital Technologies in Manufacturing.


  • Education Goes Digital: Results of ITMO DigiEduHack

    On October 3-4, ITMO University hosted ITMO DigiEduHack, a hackathon on digital education organized as part of the European Commission’s major initiative. The event brought together dozens of teams from the UK, Italy, Finland and other countries that collaborated on projects in the field of digital education. ITMO University became the only hackathon’s venue in Russia. The competition in St. Petersburg gathered over 100 participants: students, lecturers, university graduates, school children and professional programmers.


  • Participate in ITMO DigiEduHack and Win 5,000 Euros

    October 3, 2019 marks the start of ITMO DigiEduHack, a hackathon in digital education organized by ITMO University’s Department for Educational Policy. Part of the European Commission’s major initiative, the event will bring together dozens of teams from the UK, France, Italy, Russia and other countries who will collaborate on projects in the field of digital education and compete for the main prize of 5,000 euros. All ITMO University students and staff are invited to participate in the hackathon. The registration has already started and will last until September 25.


  • Tourism by Numbers: ITMO University Presents Projects at Saint Petersburg Travel Hub Expo

    The forum and exhibition Saint Petersburg Travel hub, which gathered members of the nation’s tourist community and participants from 57 regions of the country, has recently come to a close. This year’s Travel Hub coincided with the 23rd session of the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization. One of the forum’s topics was the digital transformation of the travel industry. ITMO University took part in the exhibition; its staff presented a number of interdisciplinary projects that weave together the history and culture of St. Petersburg with digital technologies.


  • ITMO Accelerator’s Graduates at St. Petersburg Digital Forum

    August 30 marked the end of the 2nd St. Petersburg Digital Forum, a platform for communication between public authorities, transnational companies, startups, and citizens. The program of the forum included round tables and panel discussions of the most topical questions concerning digitization. Participating in the forum were, inter alia, three graduates of the Future Technologies accelerator, the prototype of ITMO University Accelerator. Read on to learn more about their projects.