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  • Love, Quantum Physics, and Robots: Inside ITMO’s New Admissions Campaign Trailer

    On June 19, the online streaming service Kinopoisk released a trailer for a film titled Quantum Entanglement. In just 10 days, the film’s page was visited by more than 10 thousand users. Though many had assumed it was an actual film and added it to their watchlist, on June 29 ITMO University announced that the trailer was actually a part of its admissions campaign. We decided to find out how the trailer was filmed – and what easter eggs the viewers should be on the lookout for.


  • Russian Ads We Quote Every Day

    Previously, we’ve told you about the ads that, for one reason or another, stay with us for years on end. Today, we’re looking at the ones that have gone even further and entered our private lexicon – or even the public consciousness. Next time you hear a Russian friend say one of these puzzling lines, you might just know exactly what they’re talking about.


  • Best Russian Ads: From Soviet Times to Present Day

    Oh, the gems that the world of advertising sometimes supplies us with! Today, we tuned into our nostalgia and awe to pull together this extravaganza of Russian ads through the years. Enjoy!


  • ITMO Professor Aleksandr Farseev on Long Tail Marketing and 2020 Gartner Cool Vendors Award

    The company, which participated in ITMO Accelerator, received an award from the Gartner agency, one of the leaders in business analytics. ITMO.NEWS met with Aleksandr Farseev, the founder of the company and a professor at ITMO Machine Learning Lab, to learn more about the award and their future plans.


  • ITMO Professor Creates Platform to Help Bloggers Understand Their Audience, Find Partners and Improve Content

    The platform analyzes a creator’s publications and identifies user reactions to them. It also helps companies search for blogs they can use for advertising purposes. The project makes use of ideas developed by ITMO scientists that focus on using neural networks in working with social media content.


  • Digital Promotion: How to Do It Right

    What is the best time to launch a promotional campaign? How do you come up with creative ideas? How to check if they are viable? Evgenii Marchenkov, CEO and co-founder of AdSide Media, an American agency that specializes in mobile app advertising and e-commerce, shared his experience on the topic.


  • How To Promote Your Business Online: Channels, Tips, and Common Mistakes

    What are the best ways to promote your project on social media via a website, a blog, or your own YouTube channel? What strategies should you try? And what common mistakes can you avoid when starting your campaign? Valerie Kraskova, founder of the Lab322 marketing agency, answered all these questions at an ITMO Accelerator workshop.


  • ITMO Graduate’s Startup Uses Neural Networks to Make Online Ads Useful

    ITMO graduate Vitaly Sotnikov’s startup NativeOS provides a way to automate native video advertising. The algorithm chooses which videos to embed the client’s advertisements in so that they fit the needs of its viewers. NativeOS is currently preparing for a full-on launch on the US market. Vitaly Sotnikov came to his alma mater on business – and found time to talk to ITMO.NEWS about his project and how it works.


  • Clean Slate: How to Fight Illegal Ads Through Blogging and Make Graffiti a Form of Fine Art

    The case-tournament LeaderCup Legal Ads took place at the “Boiling Point” creative space organized by Russian Agency for Strategic Initiatives. It was dedicated to fighting unauthorized advertisements and illegal graffiti in St. Petersburg. 10 teams made up of 150 local students proposed more than 50 various solutions to solve the issues related to maintaining the Northern Capital’s refined image. ITMO University’s students who took part in the tournament have secured the second place. ITMO.NEWS spoke with their members and found out more about how everyone can help against illegal advertising and graffiti.