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  • ITMO.Superheroes: Alfa Bank Northwest’s Head of IT on Secrets of Success

    ITMO University’s Careers Center launches a new season of its ITMO.Superheroes project – a series of open lectures with graduates of ITMO University and well-known experts from all areas of knowledge – from science and social work to business and politics. The new season opened with a meeting with Dmitry Sokiryan, head of Alfa Bank’s Northwest IT Unit. There, Mr. Sokiryan spoke about the importance of having a motto, a team, aiming high and not being afraid of difficulties. ITMO.NEWS provides select quotes.


  • ITMO Student Wins Sberbank Scholarship to Develop Neural Network for Investment Planning

    Natalia Khanzhina, Ph.D. student at the Computer Technologies Department, is the recipient of a scholarship from Sberbank. The fledgling researcher took part in an IT project competition that required her to make a system that would create customized investment portfolios for customers. The program involves deep-learning technology; after completion, it will be adopted by the bank’s system while Natalia herself will have the opportunity to intern in the company’s IT department or even find employment there.


  • Relocation Tips: Banking in St. Petersburg

    Tired of all the overseas transaction bills? If you’re planning to live in Russia for more than a year, it’s worth opening a Russian bank account. Everything you need to know about opening an account and transferring money to Russia is here.


  • Blockchain: New Word in Banking

    As part of the new partnership program between ITMO University and Otkritie Bank, a workshop by the bank’s Director of Innovations Alexei Blagirev was held on July 11. The businessman spoke about following the KYC (Know Your Customer) principle through use of blockchain technology and why it is one of the first steps towards self-management in banking industry that will lead to a new form of interaction between credit institutions.


  • Fintech Cup 2017 Lets Teams Compete for Chance to Work With Financial Giants

    Students, postgraduates and alumni who want to improve their financial technologies-related skills, work with real-world problems, listen to expert opinions as well as find employers and future partners, are welcome to join the competition on June 24. Over the course of three stages, teams from all over Russia will compete in two categories of choice: business analytics and software development in the field of financial technologies. The competition is sponsored by the international payment service QIWI, VTB24 bank, Bank Otkritie and ITMO University’s Institute of Cyber Technologies for Financial Systems (ITMO.Fintech). Read on to find out more about the competition’s rules, participation conditions and cases.