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  • SCAMT Workshop Week: English-Language Summer School on Topical Research and Cutting-Edge Equipment

    On June 24-30, ITMO University’s SCAMT Laboratory held the international summer educational course SCAMT Workshop Week. Participants from Greece, Iran, China and Russia attended lectures and workshops and collaborated on projects in groups. The main goal of the course was to help the young scientists obtain experience of working with modern equipment and achieve a practical, real-world result.


  • Professor Alessandra Bonoli on Ecodesign, Circular Economy and Life Cycle Thinking

    In late February, professor Alessandra Bonoli from the University of Bologna (Italy) gave a series of lectures at ITMO University. Prof. Bonoli is an expert in the field of the Integrated Product Policy of the European Union, which aims to facilitate the transition from traditional manufacturing to environmentally responsible production. As part of the Industrial Ecology and Cleaner Production international program, Prof. Bonoli delivered the course “Eco-Design and Life Cycle Thinking”. ITMO.NEWS spoke to her and learned how circular economy, ecodesign and life cycle thinking contribute to sustainable development.


  • ITMO Master’s Student on ECNP Workshop in Nice

    Vladimir Romanov is a Master’s student at ITMO University’s Faculty of Food Biotechnologies and Engineering. At the beginning of March, he went to Nice (France) to take part in a three-day workshop for young scientists hosted by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP). The goal of this workshop is to promote experimental and clinical research of brain disorders and their treatment. During the workshop, the student presented his research on the correlation between vitamin D deficiency and depression in postmenopausal women. ITMO.NEWS talked to Vladimir about his research and discussed how vitamin D can increase the efficiency of hormone replacement therapy.


  • Programmer Kirill Yashchuk on How to Survive Seven Surgeries, Not Give Up and Launch Your Own Project

    Having graduated from ITMO University in 2010, Kirill Yashchuk worked as a programmer at a number of companies, and also participated in an Amsterdam-based acceleration program as part of the TabTrader project team. But then a tragedy struck. A faulty chairlift cost him a grave arm injury. Fighting to save his arm, he had to undergo seven difficult surgeries. During his treatment, Kirill had an idea to create an open source solution aimed at facilitating the recovery of fine motor skills of people with disabilities. Unlike existing prostheses, which either don’t involve electronics or offer but a limited set of movements, the developed system will allow for intuitive control of prosthetic limbs. ITMO.NEWS met Kirill to learn how his university experience helped him in his life, and why the prostheses market still doesn’t offer good solutions.


  • ITMO Launches New Specialization in Science Communication in Medicine and Biotechnology

    ITMO University’s Master’s program in Science Communication has recently launched a new track in science communication in the field of biotechnology and medicine. Students joining the program this year will be able to choose a separate track within the program, which will give them an opportunity to work with databases in medicine and healthcare, as well as learn more about the structure of medical organizations. The program’s graduates will be able to work as medical journalists and science communicators, PR specialists in major biotechnological companies, clinics, and medical organizations both in Russia and abroad.


  • SCAMT Achievement Award Winners on Genetic Engineering and Doing Research as a Master’s Student

    The SCAMT Achievement Award is given to ITMO University students who contribute to the development of the SCAMT Laboratory. This year’s winners, Aziza Sharsheeva and Darya Nedorezova, enrolled as Master’s students at SCAMT a year and a half ago; today, they don’t only work on their own research, but also learn all about the scientific procedure, from grant applications and buying equipment and materials, to all the stages of certifying a new product. Aziza and Darya spoke with ITMO.NEWS about working in the fields of biotechnologies and genetic engineering.


  • Fabio Biffi, Head of Bicasa SRL, on Flexible Lab Design and Equipment of Tomorrow

    Last week ITMO University was host to the second International Conference “Lab Space Design”. The conference is organized in collaboration with Bicasa SRL (Italy), a leading manufacturer of laboratory furniture and fume hoods, the Rosanalit-Test engineering company and ITMO University’s International Research Center "Biotechnologies of the Third Millennium". Guests of the conference discussed the modern architecture of research centers, safety standards, ergonomics, eco-friendliness and complex solutions for lab spaces. Fabio Biffi, head of Bicasa SRL, spoke about his company’s main principles in designing lab equipment. 


  • ITMO Students Study Circular Economy in Latvia

    On September 30, a course on ‘Circular economy and sustainable natural resources management” was launched as part of the CREA-RE-RU international project. Led by the Faculty of Food Biotechnologies and Engineering’s teacher Anastasia Pavlova, four ITMO students majoring in ‘Ecological engineering’ and ‘Industrial ecology and cleaner production’ visited the University of Latvia to work on real-life tasks in the field of resource conservation. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, the participants talked about participants talked about what a green economy is all about and discussed the importance of such international initiatives.


  • Biosystems Engineering 2018: Chia Seeds, Camel Milk and Foods of the Future

    From May 9 to May 11, the Estonian University of Life Sciences (Tartu) hosted the 9th International Conference on Biosystems Engineering. Scientists from ITMO University also took part in the conference and presented their research in the Food Science section. The participants told ITMO.NEWS about the latest trends in food science and ITMO University’s research in this field.


  • Wastebake Project: Smart Recycling

    EuroTransBio (ETB) is an international funding initiative that encourages European companies and research centers to conduct research in the field of modern biotechnology. ITMO University together with partners from Italy and Finland received funding from ETB for a project on biotechnological functionalization of bakery waste. What is special about this project is that it is beneficial for all three participating countries. ITMO.NEWS asked Denis Baranenko, head of the International Research Center “Biotechnologies of the Third Millennium”, about how to produce innovative food and medical ingredients from discarded stale bread.


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