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  • New Master’s Program at ITMO: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

    Students of the program will work on projects in more than 15 fields, from molecular biology and nanopharmaceuticals to 3D printing and bioinformatics.


  • First International Conference of ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School Attracts Over 200 Participants

    BIOCON 2023 was the first international conference in biotechnologies organized by ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School (AES). Hosted in Almetyevsk, it brought together around 250 scientists and entrepreneurs from 14 countries. The conference’s main aim was to create a platform for international cooperation, interdisciplinary research, and academic exchange.


  • ITMO Chemists' New Technology Detects Antibiotics in Milk

    With electrochemical analysis (a high sensitivity method for detecting target substances in solutions) and machine learning at its core, the new technology developed at ITMO can automatically detect the exact quantity of antibiotics in milk. Apart from protecting consumers from harmful substances, the new solution can be used to analyze other environments, such as oil (for revealing unwanted contaminants), coffee (for determining its quality), and wine (for verifying its authenticity). The technology with its underlying research was described in an article in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.


  • International Participants and Top-Tier Lecturers: Highlights of 11th SCAMT Workshop Week

    Twice a year, ITMO’s SCAMT Institute hosts a week-long workshop for students specializing in chemistry, biology, and IT. Having been launched in 2018, the workshop was recently held for the 11th time, welcoming 47 participants from Russia, Finland, Syria, Moldova, and Belarus. Here’s a recap of the latest workshop.


  • ITMO’s New Lab To Develop Next-Gen Sensors and Associated Technologies

    ITMO’s Infochemistry Scientific Center has recently launched a new lab, where students and researchers will conduct experiments in organic, inorganic, physical, and electrochemistry. There, they will develop materials for next-gen sensors and optics, as well as implement food- and biotech projects.


  • ITMO Hosts First Research Summer Camp in Biotechnology

    ITMO University recently hosted the first Research Summer Camp in Biotechnology, organized by the international research center "Biotechnologies of the Third Millenium." Participants from nine countries including China, India, Egypt, and Turkey gathered to learn about cutting-edge methods and research trends in food biotechnologies. 


  • ITMO Scientists Develop Elastic Robots to Treat Thrombosis

    Specialists from ITMO University’s ChemBio Cluster developed a new minimally invasive method to treat venous thrombosis. Its key feature is the application of robots made from a soft magnetic composite material that can change its shape and extract clots without damaging the blood vessels. This method will help make surgeries quicker and safer. 


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #1

    Here at ITMO.NEWS, we’re always making sure to share with you the latest news about the tremendous work accomplished by our university’s researchers. In case you missed any of them, here’s a quickfire roundup of the past week’s breakthroughs and discoveries.


  • Foods for Longevity and Green Living: BioTech Today

    How do innovative foods extend the human lifespan and improve our quality of life? What kinds of projects in this field are ITMO scientists working on right now? These and other subjects were covered at the Ecology & Biotechnology session of the 51st International Scientific, Educational, and Methodological Conference at ITMO University. ITMO.NEWS spoke to the session’s participants to find out more about their projects and discover which subjects of Food- and BioTech will gain in relevance in the near future.


  • ITMO University Launches New Master’s Program for Future Biotechnology Specialists

    ITMO’s Faculty of Biotechnologies, which was relaunched in 2020, opens a new Master’s program in industrial biotechnology. The program is meant for aspiring biotechnology specialists wishing to learn more about production processes, acquire machine learning skills, and master the digital approaches widely used in modern biotechnology. Among the program’s partners are the biotechnology company Innova Plus and one of the major local pharmaceutical manufacturers Geropharm. What will students learn, and what are today’s employers looking for? Here’s what you need to know about ITMO’s new Master’s program.