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  • Good Business: How Business Simulations Help Create Social Initiatives

    Graduates of the international Professional Fellows Program, together with ITMO University’s Entrepreneurship Center and the Leningrad Oblast Social Innovations Center, have conducted the Good Business simulation, aimed at developing sustainable models for socially-minded businesses. We spoke with the event’s creators and participants and learned how it works, why events of this kind are necessary, and which goals they accomplish.


  • New Year Charity Events You Can Participate In

    The last week before the New Year is the traditional time for buying gifts. Still, we'd like to divert your attention from the pre-holiday fuss and offer you to participate in several charity events that really need help.


  • ITMO.DoBro Challenge: University Joins International Charity Day

    This week, more than a 100 countries across the world will celebrate International Charity Day. Despite this being only the second time that Russia participates in it, it is already quite popular here. ITMO University has joined the initiative, too. On November 28, ITMO.DoBro initiative begins. Any participant will be able to not only support the university’s projects aimed at developing both research activities and ITMO’s infrastructure in general, but propose their own ideas, as well. The most active participants will receive gifts and awards.


  • Second Day of VK Fest

    The second day of the main open-air event of St. Petersburg – VK Fest – has ended. Just like on the first day, the organisers of each location provided visitors with a chance to dance, learn how to make friends, visit workshops, walk through famous museums in VR format, play computer games and also learn about how to create them on their own. ITMO.NEWS has written about several key locations at this year’s festival.


  • Feed the Bars!

    ITMO's KronBars sports club has taken charge of a snow leopard from the Leningrad Zoo. The goal of the new "Feed the Bars" charity project is to supply the rare animal with everything it needs - food, vitamins, medical care - on a monthly basis. Anyone can participate in the project, and get special gifts. Read more about the project in our article.


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