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  • Russian Team Triumphs at International Olympiad in Informatics 2022

    The team is headed by Andrey Stankevich, a star coach and associate professor at ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty.


  • Congress of Young Scientists 2022: Participants Share Their Experience

    This year’s Congress of Young Scientists marked the fifth time ITMO University played host to the major scientific event that guides aspiring researchers and scientists into the world of science. Over this time, the conference brought together thousands of university and school students, with this year reaching an audience of over 2,000 participants. ITMO.NEWS talked to the participants of 22’ to learn more about why they decided to join the event and how they came up with their research ideas.


  • ITMO Youth Robotics Team Wins RoboCup Russia Open 2022

    The team of ITMO’s Youth Robotics Lab became first in the RCJ OnStage category among school students aged 14-19 at the national round of RoboCup 2022. At the contest, the team Simple Dimple presented their musical robots who performed Caprice No. 24 by Niccolò Paganini and Kalinka Malinka by Ivan Larionov. The show featured a robot (playing the balalaika), one of the team members (playing the dombra), and robot matryoshkas as their backup dancers.


  • The Results of Ethical Hacking Competition for School Students

    ITMO’s International Scientific and Academic Center "Security and Safety for Critical Digital Technologies" has recently held Neva CTF – a competition in information security among school students. This year, the contest brought together 28 teams from 21 schools in St. Petersburg and Moscow.


  • Russian Team Takes Three Gold Medals at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI 2021)

    Like last year, the 33rd International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI 2021) was held online and brought together a record number of participants: 300 school students from 88 countries. The Russian team took home one silver and three gold medals and became one of the competition’s leaders alongside the teams from the USA, China, and Singapore. The team was headed by Andrey Stankevich, an associate professor at ITMO’s Faculty of Information Technologies and Programming.


  • Russian Team Scores Resounding Victory at First European Girls' Olympiad in Informatics (EGOI 2021)

    A team of Russian school students helmed by an ITMO coach has demonstrated brilliant results at EGOI 2021. All of the team members Daria Grekova, Ekaterina Poray, Alisa Gladchenko, and Ekaterina Shilyaeva – brought home gold medals. Alisa Gladchenko and Ekaterina Shilyaeva also took the top two spots on the competition’s leaderboard.


  • Over 100 School Students Give Presentations at 10th Congress of Young Scientists

    This year’s Congress of Young Scientists brought together 114 school students from 33 cities in Russia and Belarus. Most of the participants will graduate this year and many took part in a conference of such magnitude and level for the first time. As a result, experts chose 15 winners who will receive prizes and advance to the final round of the ITMO.STARS contest, as well as three more holders of the special award.


  • Data Science for Gen Z: ITMO Staff Ksenia Balabaeva Joins Gazprom Contest as Mentor

    Ksenia Balabaeva, an ITMO staff member, became a mentor for the participants of the Developing Talent contest organized by Gazprom Neft. Ksenia helped gifted school students solve IT problems inspired by the needs of today’s oil and gas industry. Learn more about the contest and Ksenia’s experience in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • ITMO Holds First Stage of Its Physics Contest for School Students

    The  first online round of ITMO’s physics contest for school students will take place on April 14-21. There, students in grade 8-11 will get to solve problems that were inspired by contemporary research practices. Winners of the first stage will not only receive prizes, but will also get the chance to visit ITMO’s research laboratories and talk to the university’s leading scientists.


  • How to Enter Russian Universities Through ITMO University’s International Competitions

    International competitions, such as Open Doors and Open Competitions in Mathematics and Computer Science for school students, allow school and university students from all over the world to continue their studies at ITMO University or other Russian institutions. We compiled a guide to this year’s competitions