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  • ITMO Team Reigns Supreme in Russian Infosec Championship

    The latest Russian championship in competitive programming welcomed more than 160 teams from across the country, with only 38 making it to the finals. ITMO students secured the first place in the track Programming of Information Security Systems, while the second and third places went to participants from the Republic of Tatarstan and Moscow. The winners split a prize fund of over 1 million rubles.


  • ITMO Professor Anatoly Shalyto on Mentorship for IT Students

    2023 is declared the Year of Teachers and Mentors in Russia. Five years ago, Prof. Anatoly Shalyto was among the first lecturers in Russia to have received the prestigious award “For Mentoring.” This year, Dr. Shalyto, a leading researcher at the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, celebrates his 75th birthday. We talked to the esteemed professor about his work at ITMO and the new challenges in mentoring IT students.


  • Computer Science Contests for School Students: A Guide

    Participating in computer science and programming competitions can become your shortcut for getting into the university of your dreams – even in such a highly competitive field as IT. How do you go about choosing the best contest for you? And how do you prepare for one? Here’s a guide we’ve compiled with experts from ITMO and Yandex Textbook.


  • ITMO.EduStars Winner and ICPC Star Coach Andrey Stankevich on Finding His Calling

    Andrey Stankevich got into programming when he was still in school; in the 90s, before he even had his own computer, he already read computer science books and took computer classes. As a student at ITMO, he twice became the winner of ICPC, the world’s most prestigious programming competition. After graduating and becoming a lecturer, he took up coaching. Under his leadership, ITMO University’s team became the world’s only seven-time ICPC champion. We spoke to Andrey to find out about the differences between academic teaching and coaching, getting students to engage with complex topics, and why teaching is more than a vocation.


  • ITMO University Takes Silver at ICPC Northern Eurasia Finals

    During this week’s ICPC Northern Eurasia Finals, a team from ITMO University placed fifth overall and joined others who will represent the region during the global finals in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


  • You’re All Winners: Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin Congratulates ICPC Winners

    Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov congratulated the ITMO team on their recent victory at the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).


  • Inside ICPC: Guide to the Largest and Most Prestigious Programming Contest

    The ICPC World Finals starts today in Moscow. The world’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious programming contest will bring together students from over 42 countries. Russia will be represented by fifteen teams, including ITMO students. All contestants will meet in Moscow to compete for the title of the best programmers in the world.


  • ITMO Summer Courses: Teachers Share Their Experiences Part 1

    In summertime, ITMO University holds short-term intensive courses for school students under the aegis of ITMO.START. These summer schools are a great chance to explore fields that are actively pursued at the university.


  • ICPC Semifinal Winners On Training for The Final and Life After Programming Contests

    The semifinal of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) was held in early April. Two teams from ITMO University became prize-winners: SPb ITMO: pengzoo came third, while SPb ITMO: Insert your name took first place and will now represent the university in the ICPC final. We spoke to Nikolay Budin, Stanislav Naumov, and Roman Korobkov from the winning team about the contest, competing against other ITMO teams, and their reasons for getting into competitive programming. 


  • ITMO’s Gennady Korotkevich Wins VK Cup

    Gennady Korotkevich, a PhD student at ITMO University and multiple-time winner of various international programming competitions was named VK Cup’s top participant in the Engine category. This year’s winners of VK Cup split between themselves a prize sum of 2,752,512 rubles – in binary, this particular number converts to an elegant 1010100000000000000000.