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  • YAC/e Conference: Why Corporations Start Their Own Universities

    Businesses are becoming increasingly involved in higher education, with some companies even establishing their own universities. Is corporate EdTech becoming a threat to higher education? What does the perfect university-industry collaboration look like? Opinions from Yandex, Sberbank, VK, and Tinkoff insiders were shared during a discussion as part of YAC/e, the major educational conference organized by Yandex. The discussion was moderated by Daria Kozlova, ITMO University’s First Vice Rector and director for education at Yandex.


  • TV Host Alexander Pushnoy on Scientific Experiments, AI Dangers, and Science Popularization

    Trading lecterns and suits for drums and leather jackets, ITMO Open Science Rocks is a major scientific event that combines a science festival and a rock concert into one. The headliner of the conference was Alexander Pushnoy – a showman, one-man band, physicist, and the original host of the legendary Russian TV science show Galileo. ITMO.NEWS talked to Alexander to learn more about what makes pop-sci timeless and why high-school physics classes should (or shouldn’t) be just as daring as ones you see on TV.


  • How To Make Mathematics Exciting For Everyone

    Mathematics is at the core of virtually all sciences, including humanities, which makes learning it from a young age essential. But what can teachers do to instill a love for the subject in children, knowing that it’s considered by many useless for daily living? Keep reading to learn how to make math fun and easy-to-learn from the experts at Yet another Conference on Education.


  • Digital Renaissance: Yandex Academy Conference on Metaverses, Digital Doubles, and Technological Art

    We’re witnessing a massive technological shift, which allows different fields, such as art and science, medicine and cybernetics, programming and anthropology, to intersect. What trends are especially relevant nowadays? Digital artists and experts in education gathered at the annual Yandex conference YAC/e to discuss this and many other related questions.


  • Lighting Design Conference Showcases Future of Urban Lighting in St. Petersburg

    On October 13-14, industry experts, local authorities, and lighting design specialists gathered together at the 6th Lighting Design Conference to discuss a range of topics, from how lighting design can help create a comfortable and safe urban environment to what the city’s lighting system will look like in eight years. Aside from the discussions, the conference featured the reveal of a city-wide lighting design concept for the St. Petersburg of 2030. Here is a recap of the recent conference.


  • A Step by Step Guide on How to Participate in a Conference

    In today’s world, having good grades is not enough. You need all the extra edge you can get. Attending conferences is a great way to boost your resume and be in the know of all the latest trends in your field as well as network with peers, thought leaders, and your potential future employers. Here’s my guide on how to choose the right event, cover your expenses, and make the most out of the experience.


  • Over 400 Clinicians From All Over Russia Attend (Non-)Conference at ITMO

    On July 16-17, ITMO hosted (Non-)Conference, an annual conference on evidence-based medicine, ethics, and social issues. The event is part of the non-profit educational project Doc2Doc and brought together over 400 medical specialists from all over the country. Learn more about this year’s topics and format in our article.


  • Digital Ethics, E-Services, and Smart Cities: Highlights of Scientific Conference on Internet and Modern Society

    The XXV International Scientific Conference Internet and Modern Society 2022 (IMS 2022), hosted by ITMO University, brought together Russian and international scientists, as well as government representatives, to discuss different aspects of digitalization and share their views on digital governance, what kinds of e-services can improve the quality of life, and how to help people trust new technologies. Here is a review of the recent event.


  • Outcomes of IT Conf International Women’s Day

    IT Conf International Women’s Day took place at ITMO University on April 15-16. The event is annually held in over 75 countries under the aegis of the Women Techmakers community. It aims to highlight the problems of gender and cultural diversity in the digital industry, inspire women for career advances, and help students make their first moves in IT.


  • Student Spotlight: Bassel Alshawareb, Syria

    A man with many dreams, Bassel is an international student at ITMO. Currently enrolled in the Foundation Program, Bassel plans to study robotics starting this fall semester. Despite his limited knowledge of Russian, he has already participated in several conferences and presented his research in Russian. How did he achieve this feat? Read on to find out.