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  • ITMO Student’s Smart Toothbrush Concept Wins National Stage of James Dyson Award

    Artemii Zenkin, a Master’s student at ITMO University, and Anastasia Balabanova, a student of the St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, have developed a design for a smart toothbrush capable of monitoring its owner’s health. The project brought its creators a win at the Russian national stage of the James Dyson Award competition.


  • How to Choose a Profession in the Digital World

    We live in the age of total digitalization. More and more people work in the digital field. Every day new professions appear, and familiar specializations are changing and transforming at the speed of light. In order to keep up, everyone should study constantly, follow the trends, and gain new skills. Maksim Popov, a representative of the LeaderCup project, has given an open lecture on choosing a profession in the digital field, and we have summarized it for you.


  • Good Product Is a User-Friendly Product: ITMO Student Working on Interface Design Framework for People with Dyslexia

    ITMO University Master’s student Zarina Gabdullazyanova, who majors in the program “Design of Human-Computer Systems” at the Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems, spent a semester at Tallinn University, where she focused on the principles of HCI (human-computer interaction) and the task of creating an accessible environment for users with limited physical or technical capabilities. As a result of her training, Zarina came up with a range of ideas regarding the establishment of a framework that would make interfaces more suitable for people with dyslexia. Read on to learn more about the internship and Zarina’s research project.


  • Geek Teachers: ITMO University Graduate’s Project for Training School Teachers in New Technologies

    Having graduated from ITMO University in 2014, Maria Plotkina worked as a designer and, later, as a school teacher.  Over a year ago, together with her colleague, she established the project “Geek Teachers”, designed to reconcile the traditional school system with groundbreaking educational technologies. ITMO.NEWS met Maria to find out about her time at ITMO, her exciting work experience and projects, and why informal festivals in the glitter-loaded party format can make the education process at schools more open.


  • ITMO.STARS 2019 Winners: Who They Are and Why They Chose ITMO

    This year, the ITMO.STARS competition for prospective students with unique accomplishments was held by ITMO for the second time in a row. It lets the winners join ITMO even if their Unified State Exam score wouldn’t normally allow them to. The only formal criterion is to pass the minimal Unified State Exam points threshold. This year saw twice as many applications as the previous one. Among the winners are 15 participants from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Pskov, Abakan, and other cities. They told ITMO.NEWS how to land a job at VK in your school years, how to open your own video studio, and why you shouldn't underestimate yourself.


  • Stellar Living: Bright New World of Space Design

    The space discoveries of the 1960-70s changed people’s perception of the future, as well as fashion, architecture and design. What must be done to prepare people for living in space? A lot of architects and designers from the US, Italy, Japan and Russia attempted to answer this question and understand what our future in space will be like. Their projects had a great impact on today’s trends in design. In her recent lecture “Space Age: the Era of Space Design”, Anastasiia Yarmosh, a PhD in art history, associate professor and head of ITMO University’s Art&Science Center, expanded on the role these projects play in our daily life.


  • Breathing-Checker Belt and Smart Trousers: ITMO Students Explore Health Devices at Tallinn University Winter School

    A winter school in Experimental Interaction Design has recently taken place at Tallinn University. Held on January 14-25, it focused on using technologies for facilitating a healthy lifestyle. Among the school’s participants were Master’s students of ITMO’s Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems Zarina Gabdullazyanova, Svetlana Galoshina, Kristina Barysheva and PhD student Yulia Bezbakh. In the course of their studies, they developed operating prototypes of devices that would help people breathe, clean their teeth and do sit-ups in the right way. They spoke to ITMO.NEWS about their projects and overall experience.


  • Voting Begins as ITMO Highpark Exhibition Opens in St. Petersburg

    From November 22 till December 15, 2018, an exhibition of concept designs for ITMO University’s new campus and innovations center Highpark will be hosted in the ITMO building at Lomonosova St. 9. Students, staff and guests can learn about each of the four architectural proposals and cast their vote by filling out a form on the spot or taking the online survey.


  • Top Russian and European Firms Present Concept Designs for ITMO Highpark

    On November 17, the first session of ITMO Highpark’s international expert council was held as part of the 7th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. The discussion revolved around proposed architectural and planning solutions for ITMO University’s innovative new campus in the Yuzhny satellite city, in the Pushkinsky District of St. Petersburg. Design concepts were showcased by bureaus from the UK, the Netherlands, Austria and Russia. After reviewing the proposals, the international expert council is expected to pick one that will determine the future look of ITMO Highpark.


  • Student Wins Lab Design Competition

    ITMO University student Veronika Nikitina became one of the winners of a laboratory design competition which took place at ITMO University as part of an International Laboratory Design Conference. She presented her project at the Skolkovo Innovation Center.