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  • First ITMO Ecohack Participants Create Automatic Waste Sorting System

    ITMO University has recently hosted its first environmental hackathon. The contest, co-organized by the ITMO.GREEN eco-club and ITMO Case Club, took place at Business Incubator Ingria. The participants had to come up with a way to automatize paper waste collection at ITMO University. Read on to learn more about the outcome of this hackathon and the prospects of the project. 


  • ITMO.GREEN: Students Doing Their Best to Save the World

    It's up to us to be the change we want to see in the world. The university's eco-club ITMO.GREEN brings together like-minded people who live the reduce-reuse-recycle mantra and are bringing about real, tangible good. You, too, can participate.


  • International Volunteers at Yagodnoe: Results of the Ecological Raids Camp

    On August 3-17, the Yagodnoe sports and recreation center hosted the annual camp Ecological Raids, which attracted volunteers from Germany, Italy, Spain, Palestine and other countries. Together, they cleaned rubbish off the center’s territory, beautified the space and learned more about each other’s homelands. This has been the fifth time that Ecological Raids is organized, by efforts of ITMO University’s students. Here is more on the international volunteers’ expressions and this year’s camp.


  • ITMO Volunteers Get Training in Germany

    Olga Rybakina and Ilya Bokatiy, volunteers from ITMO's Student Volunteer Center, have recently returned from the German Niederkaufungen intentional community where they received training as part of the German-Ukrainian-Russian training as camp-coordinators. This educational course for students from different countries is organized by the German branch of SCI, an international organization that collaborates with volunteer centers from all over the world in order to train camp leaders and raise the participants' ecological awareness.


  • Volunteering and Ecology

    In St. Petersburg, there is a special project called "History of Tomorrow", devoted to volunteers in the city. Ilya Bokatiy, a volunteer ecologist and fifth-year student at ITMO University, majoring in optoelectronic devices and systems, is one of the participants of the project. Ilya organizes ecological events for students and postgraduates from different countries in the world. With the support of the Student Volunteer Center (in Russian) at ITMO University, he has already managed to implement several ideas, including helping with “Ecological Raids” – an international camp for social projects, where people can get to know different environmental initiatives, and also contribute to taking care of the environment. Ilya spoke with ITMO.NEWS about what kind of volunteering he does and how a newcomer can navigate in the world of volunteering.


  • Ecological Raids: International Ecocamp at Yagodnoe

    The international volunteer camp Ecological Raids was held at ITMO University’s health-and-sports center Yagodnoe. For two weeks students from 12 countries attended talks and workshops on social and ecological projects, came up with ideas for Ecohouses and got to know more about Russian culture. All of this happened on the shores of a beautiful lake in the Karelian isthmus.