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  • Student Spotlight: David Castro, Ecuador

    Should I do a PhD? That’s the million-ruble question. We are no strangers to the fact that PhD studies can be super stressful. Yet so many students do it. How do they maintain their work-life balance? Do they get paid enough? Is it obligatory to publish several Scopus-indexed papers every year? Let’s find out from David, a South American who is currently a second-year PhD student at ITMO.


  • Student Spotlight: Nataly Tapia, Ecuador

    From the Andes to the Urals, the decision to study abroad was an exciting one for Nataly, an international student at ITMO. Presently, she is a student at the Foundation Program where she is learning Russian. Later this year, she will start her Bachelor’s degree program in biotechnology. What made her interested in biotechnology? How did she come across ITMO? Nataly shares it all in this conversation with ITMO.NEWS.


  • Student Spotlight: Ricardo Zambrano, Ecuador

    Coming all the way from the South American country of Ecuador, Ricardo is a first-year Bachelor’s student studying mechatronics at ITMO. He developed a strong interest in robotics while he was in school and decided to pursue it further in college. His hobbies include singing, guitar music, and photo editing. Read on to learn more about this talented Latin American student and his experiences here in St. Petersburg since his arrival in September 2021.


  • Student Spotlight: Damara Verdugo, Ecuador

    Damara Verdugo is an Ecuadorian student, who just completed the Computer Systems and Technologies Master’s program. She told us a little bit about her background, shared some experiences that helped her grow as a person throughout her adventures in Russia and discussed the goals she wants to accomplish in the future.


  • Student Spotlight: Pablo Jami Tapia, Ecuador

    Pablo Jami Tapia is a second-year Master’s student of information security who is finishing his degree this semester. In this interview, he shares with us his experiences from his two years at ITMO and what he considers helpful in accomplishing his goals for the future.


  • Student Spotlight: Alexander Ramos, Ecuador

    Alexander Ramos left Ecuador in 2019 to enroll in the Digital Control Systems Master’s program at ITMO University. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, he told us about his experiences he has lived here for more than a year, his love for St. Petersburg and his goals for the future.


  • Student Spotlight: Michael Nuñez, Ecuador

    This week we spoke with Michael Nuñez from Guayaquil, Ecuador, a third-year student of the Bachelor’s program Mechatronics and Robotics at ITMO University. In this interview, Michael tells us about how his life has changed in recent years, his experiences as an international student, and his short- and long-term goals.


  • Student Spotlight: Ramiro Vicente, Ecuador

    Ramiro Vicente is a student of the Master’s program Mobile and Networking Technologies at ITMO University. We talked with him about how a song drew him to pursue his studies in Russia, his experiences during the first year in St. Petersburg, and his aspirations for the future.


  • Student Spotlight: Gabriel Guerra, Ecuador

    Gabriel Guerra left his beloved Ecuador to enroll in the Master’s program “Network and Cloud Technology” at ITMO University through a scholarship supported by the Russian government. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS he tells us about the process to get this opportunity and shares his experiences of studying and living in Russia.  


  • From Sunshine to Freezing Cold: An Ecuadorian’s Experience of Russia

    Despite his friends’ warnings about bears and wolves letting loose on Russian streets and meteorites falling from the sky, Michael Nuñez from Ecuador decided to come to Russia to study intelligent robotics at ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics. In this interview, he shares his thoughts about his exciting journey.