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  • English Teachers Unite at NATE Convention

    The NATE 2019 Jubilee Convention was held at ITMO University on April 17-19 and brought together nearly 400 English language teachers from around Russia and 20 international guests. The participants met new colleagues and shared their knowledge and inspiration amid the event's warm and welcoming atmosphere.


  • New Head of US English Language Office on How to Improve English-Language Education in Russia and the World

    Universities all over the world are putting efforts into creating an English-language culture among their students, professors and researchers, as such knowledge lets universities reach out and enter the international education market, explained Kelli Odhuu, new head of the regional English Language Office at the US Embassy, during her visit to ITMO University’s International Office. She learned about the university’s efforts to popularize the English language and spoke about the general issues that universities worldwide encounter in this endeavor.