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  • ITMO’s Russian Language and Culture Summer School: A Passion for Learning

    Since 2016, ITMO University has hosted a Russian language summer school for language learning enthusiasts around the world. This year, from July 1 to 28, the school was held online for the first time with 22 participants from 10 countries including Canada, China, the UK, the USA and several countries in Europe. We talked to a few of the participants to learn about their experiences during the summer school and what attracted them to Russian language and culture. 


  • “Best Choice I’ve Ever Made”: ITMO Graduate Kseniya Zavatskaya on Her Education and Career in Optics

    Kseniya Zavatskaya studied quantum electronics for her Bachelor’s, but never found a solid application for the knowledge she acquired. As a Master’s student at ITMO University, she discovered her future calling and found employment less than a month after graduation. Kseniya spoke to ITMO.NEWS and explained why she chose applied optics, how her career has unfolded since, and what advice she would give to future engineers.


  • Study Abroad at Home: ITMO University Student’s Experience

    Evgenia Ponomareva, a student at the Faculty of Photonics and Optical Information, and an employee at the Laboratory of Femtosecond Optics and Femtotechnologies, was supposed to study abroad, at Aalto University (Finland) from January to May. However, due to the pandemic, she had to return to St. Petersburg in March. She continues her studies at Aalto University remotely. Evgenia tells us how she studies in Finland from Russia and continues her research from home.


  • Nahid Aktar: The Combination of Art and Science has a Broad Future

    Coming all the way from the subtropical monsoon climate of Bangladesh, Nahid Aktar is a Master’s student at ITMO University’s Art & Science program where she explores new ways of teaching as she grows her professional career.   


  • Smaragda Georgouli: Art is Not a Hobby, It’s a Way of Life

    Smaragda (Esmeralda) Georgouli comes from Greece, she is currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s in Athens, studying European and International Studies, at the University of Piraeus. She came to ITMO for an exchange semester in Industrial ecology. Fascinated by her point of view on different subjects — especially on her interest in art — we decided to have a small chat. 


  • Entrepreneur, Law Firm Founder, and Master’s Student Rodion Juryev: You Only Live When You Learn

    Rodion Juryev studies cognitive technologies and quantum intelligence at ITMO University – all while running a legal firm and a business in Skolkovo, applying for patents for his inventions, and planning his PhD studies. This semester, he joined an academic mobility program to travel to Universidad de Monterrey (Mexico), where he studies financial viability assessment and production planning and control in addition to learning the Spanish language. Rodion spoke with us and explained why he decided to get a Master’s degree despite having accomplished himself as a legal expert and an entrepreneur, how he combines work and studies, and what experiences his exchange semester in Mexico has given him.


  • 9 Cool Summer Schools for Summer 2020

    Though summer feels like a lifetime away, a whole range of summer schools have already announced their enrollment dates for summer 2020. ITMO University students are invited to participate in an internship competition and get up to 70% of their expenses covered by the university. An application must be submitted at least a month prior to the trip, so right now it’s high time to familiarize yourself with the opportunities offered by ITMO University and read about the experiences of ITMO students (here and here) who have already taken part in such summer schools.


  • PhD Student From France on Why He Came Back to ITMO and the Importance Of Collaboration

    Maxime Vergès, currently working on his PhD at ITMO's Faculty of Physics and Engineering, came to ITMO University from Nancy, France to collaborate with his former colleagues from when he studied his Master’s degree in Optics.


  • Onis Emem on Environmental Tips and His Exchange Experience in Denmark

    Onis Charles Emem is an ITMO Master’s student in Industrial Ecology and Cleaner Production and the former president of the Get Local international student club. He’s currently on an exchange program in Denmark.


  • 5 Ways to Deal with Culture Shock

    Moving to a new country is a huge step even for an intrepid traveler. Now that the “honeymoon stage” of your experience - when things are new and exciting - might be giving way to the less exciting aspects of settling into your new environment, here are some strategies to help you adjust.