What do people often tell you when they learn you come from Bangladesh?

People often ask, “‘Why Russia? Are you Indian?” It’s always a surprising start for a conversation. 

Why did you choose Art & Science as your Master’s? What was interesting about it? 

One of the main reasons I chose Art & Science was because I see combining arts and science as a way of growing my teaching career. 

I see this as something with great potential as it can help society. As an educator, I can say that the combination of art and science has a broad future in different areas and I think it can make school be more interesting for children. This is important because school is fundamental and what you learn there will eventually have a great impact on society later on.

What is your closest goal?

My aspiration is to do a Ph.D. in Russia. 

What were you doing before your Master's degree? 

Before coming to Russia, I worked as a corporate trainer and instructor. But regarding my professional education, I finished my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and then a Master’s in Development Studies and Urbanization in the London South Bank University.

What surprised you the most about ITMO?

I was surprised by how there is a lot of pressure on something like an exam and how enormous they are. I believe it’s an outdated method of teaching in the 21st century. Master’s education needs more flexibility as most of the students have to work. Also, I was surprised that some classes ask you to give a presentation on the very first lesson, even without getting introduced to the subject first. I studied in the UK. We never had any sort of pressure.

What do people think when you say you study art and science? 

I get mixed reactions; some people don't understand it. Mostly I need to clarify it to everyone.

Do you have a favorite painting or artwork? 

Mona Lisa.

Do you see robots living with us in the future? 

There is a probability that we might get there as technology is getting better day by day. 

If you had a microphone and could say something to the entire world knowing they will hear, what would you say?

No borders, free movement, humanism, equality, no gender bosses, no religious clash, no children shall be on streets. This world needs love, care, peace, and environmental protection.

Written by Ethan Avila