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  • Ethan Avila: There’s Some Truth That Can Be Uncovered in Both Art and Science

    It’s the first week of the academic year and we’ve got new students getting ready to study hard, but we’ve also got old students who have graduated and moving on to bigger and better things. Meet our Art and Science graduate, Ethan Avila, from Mexico, who has also been working at ITMO’s Internationalization Office for the last year, interviewing our international students and staff. He shares with us his thoughts about ITMO, Russia, and the future.


  • Sinith Withanage: ITMO Provides an Extraordinary Atmosphere for International Students

    From Sri Lanka to China and later to Russia, Sinith undoubtedly has an interesting story to tell. He is currently in his second year of studies at the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Master’s program and works as a manager at the Academic Writing Laboratory (AWL), which aims to support and coach students, researchers, faculty, and staff to deal with the academic writing process.


  • Bio & Art Summer School: Biomaterials in Art

    ITMO University offers its students an opportunity to work with incredible people on creating interesting projects and this year wasn’t an exception. One of our most fascinating summer schools this year was called Bio&Art: Biomaterials in Art, taught by ITMO graduate Laura Rodriguez. This summer school offered engaging lectures and DIY workshops focused on the innovative fields of Art & Science and Bioart. Held online, it attracted participants from around the world, including China, India, Kazakhstan, Russia, the Philippines, and the USA.


  • Alyona Kudlayeva: Dance Helped Me Learn More About Myself

    Coming from the central Asian country of Kazakhstan, from the city of Shymkent, Alyona Kudlayeva has just graduated from ITMO’s Science Communication master’s program and shares a bit about her studies and some facts about her passion – dance.  


  • Sam Innes: The Way Russian Writers Get Inside the Human Soul Is Incredible

    Sam Innes participated in two courses during the Russian Language and Culture Summer School held in July at ITMO University. He attended both the Russian conversational course and Russian cinema course. Sam experienced the course remotely from the United Kingdom. What was it like to explore his passion for Russian culture remotely? We talked to him about his summer school experience and plans for the future.


  • Ivan Kalashnikov: You Must Be 100% Focused, Especially When Training as a Group

    Rowing is more than a sport for Ivan Kalashnikov, captain of ITMO University's rowing team. He started in sports when he was 15 and has had several victories, including the 400-meter championship in the Republic of Udmurt. For Ivan, sports is also the way of life.


  • Serhan Agrali: Visiting Silicon Valley Inspired My Major

    Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Serhan Agrali was just fourteen when he left his home town to pursue his dreams, leading him to travel and study in several countries, including the United States, China, and now Russia. He is currently a first-year student of the Bachelor's degree program in Software Engineering at ITMO University.


  • Nikita Bubnov: If You’re Dying to Do Something, You're Bound to Succeed

    Nikita Bubnov first started training in gymnastics when he was just seven years old. Even though sports and training are a great part of his life, they have never been an obstacle in his professional development at ITMO University. You can follow Nikita’s adventures in sports and studies on his Instagram.


  • Mamadi Berete: At ITMO, There Is No Difference Made Between Foreign and Russian Students

    Mamadi Berete comes from Guinea, a west-coastal country in West Africa. The country is sometimes referred to as Guinea-Conakry to distinguish it from other countries with "Guinea" in the name. Guinea has a population of 12.4 million. He is currently getting his Bachelor’s degree in Info-Communications Systems Programming.


  • Lyubov Petrova: You Have to Come up With Tactics That Will Help You Win the Competition

    ITMO student Lyubov Petrova has been practicing sports tourism since she was 11. Now in her 4th year of the Intelligent Infocommunication Systems Bachelor’s program, she is a member of two sports clubs and a city-wide team.