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  • Projects by Students of DOERS International School

    The DOERS international startup school is now over. During the past two weeks, its participants have worked in teams, attended lectures by international experts, and solved various tasks. A total of 20 students from Russia, Finland, India, Iran, and Uzbekistan took part. Learn more about the event in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • Urban Studies Experts from ITMO and University of Helsinki Win Kone Foundation Grant

    As part of the grant, researchers from ITMO and their colleagues from University of Helsinki will implement a comparative study of recycling practices in St. Petersburg and Helsinki.


  • BizCycle Founders Develop Three New Bike Routes in Leningrad Oblast

    BizCycle, an international three-year-long project, is being developed together with Finnish partners. The BizCycle team held a meeting with representatives of small and mid-sized businesses and shared current outcomes of the project.


  • SumIT+InnoCamp Joint Summer School Launches at ITMO

    Over the course of two weeks, starting on August 17, 40 participants from around the world will develop their individual and team projects in the field of IT.


  • Suvorov Canals: Russia and Finland to Cooperate on Development of Important Historical Objects

    The project on the restoration and development of a complex of canals and fortresses located in the border territory between Finland and Russia unites seven organizations from both countries, including ITMO University. The Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems’ Center of Usability and Mixed Reality contributes as a technological partner – its remit includes the development of different multimedia and an interactive map of the project. 


  • Study Abroad at Home: ITMO University Student’s Experience

    Evgenia Ponomareva, a student at the Faculty of Photonics and Optical Information, and an employee at the Laboratory of Femtosecond Optics and Femtotechnologies, was supposed to study abroad, at Aalto University (Finland) from January to May. However, due to the pandemic, she had to return to St. Petersburg in March. She continues her studies at Aalto University remotely. Evgenia tells us how she studies in Finland from Russia and continues her research from home.


  • Business Model Canvas Week: Students from Russia, Finland, and Germany Join Forces on Sustainable Business and Recycling

    Business Model Canvas Week at ITMO University is now over. This year, it was dedicated to sustainable business and recycling. Experts from Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) have organized an intensive program on the model for the third year in a row. The event was held as part of First+ program for Russian-Finnish educational cooperation. Read on to find out how it went, what cases the participants solved and what they gained thanks to the course.


  • Exploring New Cultures, Studying New Materials: ITMO Students on Their International Internships

    ITMO collaborates with over a hundred universities all over the world and its students regularly participate in international internships and semester exchanges. In this article, the students of ITMO’s SCAMT Laboratory who’ve recently come back from European universities share their experience and advice on how to take part in an internship abroad and what perks this gives.


  • South-East Finland – Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Program: How to Get a Grant

    On December 10-11, ITMO University will host an event dedicated to the 2014-2020 South-East Finland – Russia cross-border cooperation program. As part of the event, the stakeholders representing both countries will be able to communicate with the heads of the projects implemented under the initiative’s umbrella and give their feedback. Apart from that, young scientists and students who in the future would like to submit their projects for a grant or gain the support of Finnish partners, will have the chance to ask their more experienced colleagues for advice and exchange contacts with the organizers and representatives of Russian and international delegations. More on the program, the projects and support available in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Environmental Education of Students: Joint Project by Russia, Finland, Sweden and Latvia

    Four ITMO University students took part in an international project organized by universities in Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Latvia. Designed for two years, the program focuses on the principles of the closed-loop economy. Each semester brings new participants, cases and a host country. This fall, four ITMO University students visited enterprises in Finland and worked on real-life cases in international teams. Read on to learn more about the project, as well as what ideas were proposed and how things are with industrial ecology in Russia and Europe.