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  • ITMO Graduates on Education in Russia and Finland, Running a Business and Being Expats

    Zlata and Lev Stipakovs did their studies at ITMO University’s then-Faculty of Fine Mechanics and Technologies. After graduating, they tried their hand at working at various national research centers and commercial companies, and, with Lev landing a job in Finland in 2009, the family relocated there. Unlike her spouse, Zlata decided to change her profession, learned Finnish and obtained a second higher education degree onsite in Finland. As of now, both Lev and Zlata run their own small businesses. They told ITMO.NEWS about how their careers came about after the move, how Finnish life and education differ from that in Russia, and what aspects today’s students should pay special attention to.


  • Academic Exchange, Environmental Studies and Education for All: Representatives of World’s Best Universities Meet For EAIE in Helsinki

    In late September, Helsinki hosted the annual EAIE conference, which was the biggest since its founding, attracting over 6,200 participants from 95 countries. ITMO University was among the world’s best educational organizations. We got in touch with the members of the St. Petersburg EAIE delegation and found out all about the current trends in education that were discussed in Finland. 


  • ITMO Laboratory Head Irina Livshitz on a Secret Advantage of Russian Optics, VR and Differences Between Russian and International Students

    Before the start of a new academic year, head of ITMO University’s Research Laboratory for Computer-Aided Design of Optical-Information and Energy Saving Systems Irina Livshitz gave ten classes as part of the summer school at the University of Eastern Finland, an ITMO University partner. She spoke about the development of augmented and virtual reality systems. ITMO.NEWS met Prof. Livshitz to learn about where to start with optical systems design, whether Russian students are any different from their international counterparts, and will it be possible to make VR headsets comfortable for wearing. 


  • ITMO Delegates Discuss the Development of Public Spaces During a Visit to Finland

    ITMO University staff have taken part in the “The Baltics. Sails of the World” visit to Helsinki under the aegis of Startup Connect, a project forming part of the 2014-2020 South-East Finland – Russia cross-border cooperation program jointly funded by the European Union, Finland and Russia. Over the course of three days, the Russian delegation toured Finland’s largest creative spaces and startup hubs and discussed collaborations with the representatives of the region’s business community and administrations.


  • ITMO Students and Staff Take Part in Startup Festival *ship

    In the beginning of August 2019, students and staff of ITMO University took part in *ship, a major startup event in South-East Finland, as part of the Finland-Russia cross-border cooperation program’s project Startup Connect. This year’s event brought together 50 teams from more than 20 countries. Keep reading to find out what participants from ITMO University have to say about their experience sharing expertise with colleagues from abroad.


  • Twin Campus Project: Establishing Collaboration Between Russian and Finnish Universities

    Very few technologies and ideas produced at universities are commercialized and turned into successful businesses. To solve this problem and explore effective models of collaboration between universities and the industry, Russia and Finland have launched the Twin Campus project. Part of the South-East Finland-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation program, Twin Campus is implemented by the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences and ITMO University. Among the project’s partners are St. Petersburg Technopark, St. Petersburg Foundation for SME Development, and the regional Finnish company Cursor Oy. On June 25, ITMO University hosted the first working meeting of the project, where the participants discussed its key tasks and challenges.


  • InnoCamp: How Russian and Finnish Students Reinvent Old Spaces

    This April, students from Russia and Finland joined each other at the first-ever session of the InnoCamp project. Tasked with developing business strategies for real companies, the students had to turn a Helsinki airfield into a hub for small aircraft, a disused railcar factory into a creative space, a former Kotka port into a business hub, and more. On May 12-17, the participants met in Kotka (Finland) to finish what they started during the remote stage of the project. ITMO.NEWS learned about the projects and the kind of experience that InnoCamp offers students.


  • ITMO University Students at InnoCamp in Finland

    ITMO University offers its students a lot of opportunities for participation in international projects conducted together with the university’s partners. In April 2019, the first round of the InnoCamp project took place in Kouvola (Finland), during which Russian and Finnish students worked together on real-life cases and helped industrial companies develop their business strategies. However, the InnoCamp educational program doesn’t end there and will continue throughout the year.


  • University of Oulu Experts on Teaching, Finland-Russia Cooperation and Joint Projects with ITMO

    What’s the most effective way of teaching English for research and academic purposes? How best for scientists to develop their communication and presentation skills? And why shouldn’t you shy away from speaking English in unfamiliar environments? ITMO.NEWS sat down with Satu Rusko, Karen Niskanen and Magdalini Liontou, English language tutors at the University of Oulu who have recently visited ITMO as part of the Russian-Finnish university cooperation program FIRST+, to learn their takes on all this and more.


  • Business Model Canvas: Visualizing Your Business Ideas

    What is Business Model Canvas and how can it help startupers in forming and developing their business ideas in the shortest amount of time possible? This was the focus of an intensive workshop recently hosted by ITMO University, the participants of which included over 20 students from Russia and Finland. The workshop was delivered by experts from Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), who also shared about other tools for management of business processes and the difference in business approaches in Russia and Finland.


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