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  • For Two and More: Best Local Co-Op Games on PC

    Whether you want to join your forces to make a daring escape from prison, get love advice from a goofy book, or finally settle who reigns supreme, there’s a co-op game here for you.


  • ITMO and Almazov National Medical Research Centre Researchers Study The Effect of Gaming On the Human Brain

    Pavel Tikhonov and Mikhail Zubkov, researchers from ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering are working on a project that uses functional magnetic resonance imaging to study the brains of people who spend 20 to 30 hours a week gaming. The scientists hypothesize similarities between the brains of ardent gamers and people addicted to chemical substances. 


  • Five Nintendo Switch Games to Brighten Up Your Holidays at Home

    The Nintendo Switch is becoming popular all over the world and the quarantine is no doubt a contributing factor. As we all seem to be stuck at home even for May holidays, here’s a list of fascinating single-player games to set out on an adventure straight from your couch.


  • Safe and Social: Video Games to Play in Self-Isolation

    Finally, there’s a perfectly good excuse to escape into the gripping world of online gaming – you can now get Physical Education credits for winning! As we hunker down to self-isolate, video games can also be a safe and fun way to connect with friends and strangers, and never be alone. Check out our brief guide to interactive genres and hold onto your gamepads!


  • How to Find Your Favorite Video Game Genre

    Gaming is booming but you’re not sure how to get in on the action? Feel like trying your hand at world-building or impossible missions? Check out our nifty guide to help you navigate the diverse world of video game genres and find the best fit for you.


  • Ready Player One: Games We Play Over the Holidays

    While some of us can’t wait for the holidays to start before snuggling up with their favorite book or surrounding themselves with scented candles as they put on a great movie, others prefer to dive into completely different worlds. I went around my little gamer community to get the best stories about the games my friends play during the holiday season and why. So, grab a mug of your preferred festive beverage and let’s get on with our holiday fairytales. 


  • New Worlds, Warm Greetings and Research: Why We Love Gaming

    Over the years, public attitude towards gaming has evolved through various stages: from complete disregard to careful appreciation. However, in many minds this cultural phenomenon still continues to be a form of entertainment with possibly dangerous side effects and a mostly young audience. We are here today to demonstrate that there is much more to be discussed in the industry that has been rocketing in the last 20 years. 


  • Video Games vs. MBAs: How Gaming Makes You a Better Employee

    Are video games good or bad for you? Miroslava Valkevich, a journalist and former television host, delivered an open lecture at ITMO University. In her opinion, video games affect players positively because they help them to acquire many soft skills. She gave examples on how gamers can develop leadership and teamwork skills, while ITMO.NEWS reviewed the experts' opinions on the subject.