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  • It All Depends on Effort You Put In: ITMO Master’s Student on Internship at Gazprom and How to Win It

    Bumping into an unknown task is one of the main fears all participants of academic competitions have when starting out. Yet this was exactly the situation that Pavel Zhdanov, a student of ITMO University’s Big Data Financial Technologies Master’s program, found himself in during the GPN Intelligence Cup case-championship. He rose to the challenge, solved everything he had to solve, and won an internship at Gazprom Neft, the largest oil-producing company in Russia. ITMO.NEWS met with Pavel to find out what working at Gazprom is like, how to nail all job interviews and why soft skills are so important.


  • Business Games, or How to Pass Exams Without Taking Exams and Get a Job Without an Interview

    Last Saturday, ITMO hosted a business game with second-year Master’s students of the University’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations stepping in as participants. The judges’ panel included department heads of Gazprom Neft, a top-three largest oil-producing company in Russia, one of the aims of whom was to select students to be employed at the company. ITMO.NEWS reports on why games such as this need to be included in the education process and whether it is real for a student to become part of Gazprom Neft.


  • Data Analysis and Scientific Approach: New Technologies Effect on Oil Sector

    Today machine learning helps companies to find a profitable location for a new salespoint, optimize purchases and improve employee efficiency. Artificial intelligence can tell you how to work with clients, keep them and increase their loyalty. Along with retailers and finance specialists, the energy industry is developing a large number of new technology projects. “The fourth industrial revolution dictates new rules for oil companies”, believes Pavel Sorokin, head of the Interaction with Universities Department and the Personnel Management Department of Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Center. In his lecture at ITMO University he presented the changes in modern industry, talked about the specialists in demand and explained the companies focus on fundamental education and cooperation with leading Russian universities.


  • Dmitry Moscovich, CIO at Gazprom Transgaz Saint-Petersburg, on Introducing IT Systems at Enterprises

    In 10-12 years, there will be a great demand for specialists who can develop IT systems for business processes, believes Dmitry Moscovich, CIO at Gazprom Transgaz Saint-Petersburg. During a guest lecture at the Department of Information Systems and Technologies in High-Tech Business, he gave advice to novice specialists in this field, and expanded on the internships that the company offers to students.


  • Gazprom Media Technologies CEO: Never Say "I Have No Experience"

    A usual resume describing your education, skills, and list of awards is a thing of the past. Now, recruiters also analyse social media profiles of job applicants, and some focus on big data. According to data from Deloitte, about 40% of HR departments around the world have started using these tools last year. The preferences of applicants are also changing: even now, people aren’t chasing a lot of money, preferring creative freedom and new opportunities for development. Are big companies ready for these changes, why is there a special need today for corporate PR and, finally, how important is your social media presence? Vadim Fedotov, the General Manager of Gazprom Media Technology, shared all about this and more with students from the Master’s Program in Science Communication. He shared his personal experience, and also gave advice which could help with effective brand promotion. ITMO.NEWS has a full summary