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  • Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

    Want to feel more content and become more aware of your body and emotions? Making your first steps in mediation is surprisingly easy and the benefits could be profound. In this article, we look at the reasons you might want to try out meditating and the best ways to incorporate this trendy practice into your daily life.


  • How To Relax Properly and Not Burn Out: Advice From a Psychologist

    The first work week of the new year is officially over, and if you felt like it would never end, then you are not alone. How do you prevent burnout or falling prey to routine? How not to be suffocated by the routine? What is proper rest culture? And why is maintaining proper work-life balance not working out for you? We teamed up with Olga Gofman, a PhD in psychology, a lecturer at the Institute of International Development and Partnership, and a research associate at the Research Center “Strong AI in Industry” to answer these questions.


  • ITMO Student Uses Science to Promote Healthy Living

    From this year on, ITMO students can create their own optional courses under the guidance of experienced lecturers, allowing them to gain their first teaching experience and others – to learn from their peers and ask questions they hesitate to ask older professors. One of the project’s participants is Anna Pozhar, a Master’s student at ITMO’s Faculty of Biotechnologies, who authored a healthy eating course that debunks popular myths about food and teaches students how to build a varied and well-balanced diet. Learn what Anna has to say about such courses and how she made hers fun and interesting in this article.


  • How Sport Affects Our Cognitive Skills

    Moderate physical exercise boosts our energy by improving blood flow, raising blood sugar levels, and increasing the number of certain neurotransmitters in our brain. However, research shows that non-professional sports can positively affect not only our resource supply, but our cognitive skills, too. Is it true for all ages and health conditions? How long does it actually take to see results from exercise? And which mechanisms lay behind this process? Read on to learn what scientists from ITMO’s Center for Neuroscience in Education who have recently launched a project on students' mental well-being have to say about these and other related questions.


  • Building Resilience and Coping With Stress

    With the ongoing pandemic and increasing distance learning fatigue, this year has demonstrated (and still does) that stress and setbacks are unavoidable. While a bit of stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing, being constantly on high alert can affect both your physical and mental well-being. That’s why we must understand stress and know the ways to manage it in order to lead a happy and healthy life.


  • 5 Healthy Habits for the New Year

    It is our firm conviction that a little indulgence over the holidays is more than fine, whatever toxic “get fit or else” marketing would have you believe. But you may also want to start a new year with a cleaner slate – be it for your mental and physical health and/or the planet’s wellbeing at large. If that’s the case (go you!) – we’ve prepared a little checklist of healthy habits for you to try to incorporate. Just remember: every step, however small, matters, and we’re in it together!


  • The Experiment: A Week Without Coffee

    Hello, we are Anastasias, and we are coffee addicts. We love coffee for so many reasons: the rich taste, the delicious aroma of roasted beans, the feeling of excitement and euphoria caffeine evokes in us, and just the ritual of taking a rest from your daily routine and sitting down with a cup of latte. However, though reinvigorating and delicious, coffee has its fair share of drawbacks, as it increases anxiety, reduces sleep and causes energy spikes and crashes. So we decided to do the unspeakable: attempt to give up coffee for a week. Will we make it out alive? Let’s find out!


  • Healthy Living: Instagram Accounts for Vegan/Eco Inspiration

    Instagram can be compared to a very hectic flea market sometimes, with its disorientating abundance of colorful stalls, shouting people and a huge no-go trash area. (Twitter, on the other hand, is more like a fancy social club for wordly-wise wits and raconteurs, with a rampageous madhouse on its ground floor.) But as any flea market, it’s also peppered with little gems finding which makes the whole kerfuffle a little bit more tolerable. So here are some of our picks of Instagram accounts for vegan and green living inspiration!


  • Top Five: Funky Ways to Fight a Cold – Reviewed!

    You know that horrible, sniffly, snotty and yucky feeling when you’re on the verge of catching a cold but still not quite there yet? When you feel that the virus has already weaseled its way in but is waiting for the worst possible moment to attack you in full? ‘Course you do, because that’s everyone’s default state in the thick of autumn. Instead of prostrating on the sofa downing flu remedies and feeling sorry for ourselves, we’ve scoured the interwebs for some of the most idio… syncratic ways of curing a cold, and then tested them to see who cracks first. Enjoy!


  • Healthy Living: Five Tips for Staying Positive

    As the days grow shorter and the weather chills down, it can get really difficult to keep your good spirits up. Here are some tips to help!