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  • ICPC Semifinal Winners On Training for The Final and Life After Programming Contests

    The semifinal of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) was held in early April. Two teams from ITMO University became prize-winners: SPb ITMO: pengzoo came third, while SPb ITMO: Insert your name took first place and will now represent the university in the ICPC final. We spoke to Nikolay Budin, Stanislav Naumov, and Roman Korobkov from the winning team about the contest, competing against other ITMO teams, and their reasons for getting into competitive programming. 


  • ITMO Teams Win First and Third Places in ICPC Semifinal

    The interim results of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) have recently been announced: the team Insert your name beat over 300 competitors for the top spot and pengzoo came in third.


  • ITMO University Team Comes Second in Online Stage of ICPC Northern Eurasia Finals

    On December 13, the online stage of the ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) Northern Eurasia competition took place. The team from ITMO University placed second and will now go on to participate in the offline stage of the competition. Its ultimate prize will be the opportunity to represent their university in the finals of the international student programming competition ICPC-2021.


  • ICPC-2020 World Finals Participants Announced in St. Petersburg

    The results of the ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) semifinals were announced on December 1. Over 100 student teams from the European part of Russia, the Ural region, Belarus and the Baltic states solved problems competing for the right to take part in the finals of the biggest programming contest in the world, which will take place in Moscow on June 26, 2020. The team from St. Petersburg State University was the absolute winner of the semifinals, with ITMO University’s team also coming away with gold medals. 


  • Head of ICPC Northern Eurasia Regional Headquarters at ITMO: Helping People from Everywhere Join the Movement

    A regional ICPC representative office has been established at ITMO University. The office will provide organizational support for ICPC events in Russia and Northern Eurasia. We got to meet the head of this new office, ITMO Alumnus Matvey Kazakov, and ask him what made ITMO University the center of the ICPC movement in Northern Eurasia, the most important thing for a contest participant and the launch of ICPC University. 


  • New ICPC Tournaments Season Kicks Off, With 31 ITMO Teams in Regional Top-100

    The new season of ICPC, the oldest and the most prestigious international programming competition, has recently kicked off. This year, for the first time ever, the competition in the Northwestern Federal District of Russia, which ITMO University competes in, started with a qualification round. An ITMO.NEWS correspondent visited the competition site to find out more about the qualification process and who made it to the next round.


  • ITMO University Held Russia’s First ICPC Alum Reunion

    Last Saturday, ITMO University held Russia’s first reunion of alumni of the international student programming contest ICPC. The event brought together winners and participants of the previous ICPC rounds, as well as representatives of international IT companies, organizers of regional competitions, judges, coaches and volunteers that have helped with the organization of the contest over the years. The meeting was organized by the ICPC Foundation, which works to create an association of ICPC participants from all over the world, and supported by the company Huawei. Participating as an honorary guest was Bill Poucher, executive director of ICPC.


  • Two-Time ICPC Champion Niyaz Nigmatullin: Life Outside the Code

    It’s natural for us to have role models, some sort of a hero whose successes motivate us to develop. But few know what these heroes are like in their daily lives. This was something NewTone, a magazine of ITMO University’s student media Megabyte, decided to rectify as they sat down with Niyaz Nigmatullin, a true champion of sports programming and an exemplary for many, to learn more about his life away from the pedestal.


  • Gennady ‘Tourist’ Korotkevich: My First Defeat Only Made Me Want to Win More

    What does a two-time world champion in competitive programming do as a student? Why does he continue to take part in competitions, and how does he choose them? Would he like to be named “Hero of Belarus”? Gennady Korotkevich, a PhD student at ITMO University and the recent entrant of Magazine’s Top-50 People of St. Petersburg list, answered these and other questions in an interview with Prof. Anatoly Shalyto, himself a member of’s 2017 edition of the Top-50, and Lidia Perovskaya, ITMO graduate and producer of ICPC World Finals live broadcasts.


  • Russian Programmers Prepare For ICPC-2019

    On December 2, ITMO University was among the universities that hosted the semi-finals of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). More than 100 student teams from the European part of Russia, the Ural region, Belarus and the Baltic states competed for the right to take part in the final stage of the world’s largest programming contest, which will take place in Porto, Portugal next year. The team from Lomonosov Moscow State University, champions of this year’s ICPC, emerged as winners in the semi-final stage.