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  • From 3D-Printed Homes to Next-Gen Energy Storage: ITMO Fellow Maxim Arsentev on Symbiosis of Physical Chemistry and IT

    According to reports by the analytics company GlobalData, the global 3D printing industry will reach $36 billion by 2025 and $70 billion by 2030. With the help of additive technologies, it is now possible to print complex structures quickly, inexpensively, and on the spot – that includes prosthetics, car parts, or even sections of buildings. But to make such products sturdier, manufacturers need to identify the right material and design of the cell scaffolds – the “building blocks” of the technology. This is precisely the focus of Maxim Arsentev, a researcher at ITMO and a laureate of the ITMO Fellowship program. Speaking to ITMO.NEWS, he explains his career path and how IT tools are benefitting the field of physical chemistry.


  • ITMO and Samolet Group Launch New Master’s Program for IT Team Leads

    ITMO’s Institute of Applied Computer Science and Samolet Group have launched a new corporate Master’s program for future team leads in IT. There, through solving business tasks and partner industry cases, students will acquire the competencies necessary for being both a team leader and an IT developer. Graduates will be able to lead IT projects at major companies without any additional training.


  • New Corporate Lab: ITMO and Rosneft to Develop IT Solutions for Geological Exploration

    ITMO and the oil and gas giant Rosneft have announced the launch of a new joint laboratory of modern digital solutions in industry. There, students and staff of both partners will address industrial tasks with AI models that can help explore deposits and predict oil extraction and ice flow. The lab will also train specialists capable of delivering new digital industrial solutions.


  • Head of Product Management at VK Cloud Viktor Konoplev on Career in IT and the Future of Cloud Technologies

    After his graduation from ITMO, Viktor Konoplev had the chance to work on a virtual dedicated server (VDS) for the IT company Timeweb, launch various delivery options at VkusVill (a Russian food retail chain – Ed.), and build a private multipurpose cloud service at VK Cloud. In this interview, Viktor, who is currently developing IT solutions for business at VK, speaks about his first failures, win-win solutions for businesses and teams, and the future of cloud technologies.


  • ITMO to Host It’s Your Call! Educational Forum: What to Expect

    On April 17-21, ITMO will welcome the educational forum It’s Your Call! for the sixth year in a row. The event is organized for the participants of the student contest I Am a Professional: there, they attend lectures and workshops on IT, product development, programming, robotics, and startups, as well as prepare for job interviews. The forum’s general partner is Sberbank.


  • ITMO Graduate Grigory Klyushnikov Develops Clubhouse Client for Android in One Day

    Grigory Klyushnikov, a programmer from St. Petersburg, VK app developer, and ITMO graduate, has created an app client that allows users to join the Clubhouse social media app using Android devices. ITMO.NEWS met with Grigory Klyushnikov to learn more about why he decided to develop his own app, how he managed to do it in one day, and whether he plans to monetize this project. 


  • Digital Science: IT Solutions for Academic Writing

    ITMO.NEWS has already published some advice on writing articles in English in such a way that they’d be accepted by an international journal. In this article, we’ll focus on two useful tools: the first can be of help to those who aren’t confident in their English skills and the second can help make an article more accessible to the academic community and increase the number of its citations.


  • IPChain Hackathon: How to Manage Intellectual Property from a Smartphone

    IT products and services are one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing markets. Sophisticated and effective solutions in the field of software development are as valuable and sought-after as ever. But authors of such solutions don’t often think about their rights to the intellectual property they created, and the issue of exercising these rights is almost never on the cards. In a bid to modernize the sphere of software development, the IPChain Association joined forces with ITMO University to host a hackathon for developing the best mobile app for mathematicians and programmers intended to bring about radical simplification of managing intellectual property rights on algorithms and elements of software code.