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  • Special Summer Schools for High School Students at ITMO

    This summer, ITMO University opens the doors of its summer schools, where future undergraduate students can learn about engineering, chemistry, programming, photonics, biotechnology and many more. Classes are held by the staff and students of the university with a focus on development of practical skills. 


  • Tournament of the Two Capitals: St. Petersburg to Host Robots Battles This Autumn

    Have you ever seen how robots fight each other over "mountain" plateaus, build bridges across rivers, compete in racing rallies and work together in construction? On November 19, the participants of the Tournament of the Two Capitals will start their training. T2C is a robotics competitions for schoolchildren, bringing together best teams from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Students are challenged not only to work together in T2C, but also solve non-standard tasks. In the final challenge, the organizers give kids a really interesting task. Until the last moments of the competition it is kept secret. Read our material and find out about the main features, rules, concept, as well as the prizes of the Tournament of thewo capitals.


  • Forester Soon to Hit the World Robot Olympiad in Costa Rica

    ITMO University’s high school students’ robotics team has made it into World Robot Olympiad, which will be held in November in Costa Rica. The main theme of this year's competition is sustainability, creating sustainabots that can change our world without affecting it, integrating environmental, social and economic aspects. So, the special team trained at ITMO will show the world their Forester robot, which can automatically monitor the environmental status of forests. In addition to "Forester", three more Russian robots will go to Costa Rica.


  • Project Session at Sirius: Implants, Security and Nano-Shampoo

    This summer, the Sirius educational center for talented children in Sochi has held its usual session on project work, followed by the Nanograd summer school. ITMO University’s team, including specialists and postgraduate students from the Department of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials and staff of Technopark resident, company NT-SPb, took part.


  • ITMO Students Share Summer Internship Stories

    Every summer, ITMO students travel all over the world to participate in internships and visit the world’s largest companies and universities. Internships have long ago stopped being simple working affairs and are now seen as exciting adventures and a way to gain unique experience. ITMO.NEWS has prepared a few stories about our students’ most fascinating summer internships – from working at Google to being a science journalist in Sicily.


  • Training Future Scientists at Summer School

    Twenty students attended the summer school for young biotechnologists, ecologists and engineers. The program was aimed at high school students from grades 7 to 11. It gave students a chance to become familiar with the work of the School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems at ITMO University in order to help them choose their future field of study. Over a period of six days, the participants of the course got to know more about what kinds of tools and equipment are used in each department. 


  • Tournament for Two Capitals: High School Children Presented their Robots

    ITMO University hosted semifinals of the Tournament for Two Capitals competition (Turnir Dvukh Stolits). Over 70 teams from schools of Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast presented their robots. The jury chose the 20 best teams that will compete with young engineers from Moscow on May 13-14. 


  • All-Russian Lab Session: Solving Life’s Difficult Questions

    When children ask simple questions about how the world works, it requires you to dig deep into your understanding of science and the universe, something you may not be used to doing every day if you aren’t a scientist. Last Sunday’s All-Russian Lab Session at ITMO University, gave participants a chance to do just this.


  • Science by High-School Students: Young Engineers Presented their Projects

    Over the last few days, the 13th Baltic Science and Engineering Competition has been taking place at ITMO. This year you can look at 289 projects by 349 participants from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Here are some projects made by some of the young talents.


  • 13th Baltic Science and Engineering Competition: From Small Discoveries to Great Accomplishments

    While adults think of global trends, children contribute to the future having no doubts. This year, they presented their technical solutions for the 13th time at the Baltic Science and Engineering Competition in St. Petersburg. Traditionally, the competition took place in ITMO.