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  • International Student's Handbook: Student Slang at ITMO University

    Maga? Preza? Decode ITMO student lingo with our concise dictionary of slang words you might hear on-campus.


  • ITMO.GO 2023: First-Year Students Share Why They Chose ITMO

    Last Saturday, September 2, around 2,000 new members of ITMO.Family gathered in front of the Baltic House Festival Theater for ITMO.GO, the major celebration for first-year students at ITMO, to meet each other and get to know all about their university. ITMO.NEWS talked to the newcomers to learn more about their dreams and expectations for student life.


  • You Are a Student in St. Pete! What Happens Next?

    Every year, ITMO and other universities in St. Petersburg welcome students from all over Russia and beyond. How can a fresher settle in and make new friends in a new city? Who can they reach out to if they have questions about their studies? And what are the best ways to save money as a student? To address all these and many other questions, ITMO University released a complete starter pack for first-year students feat. Tambi Masaev, a celebrated comedian and a resident of the Russian show Что было дальше? (What Happened Next?).


  • ITMO Alumni and Employee Among St. Petersburg’s Top Graduates of 2023

    An annual awards ceremony to acknowledge the most distinguished graduates of St. Petersburg was held today, on June 28, at the Peter and Paul Fortress. Among this year’s best is Andrey Suvorov, a graduate of ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies, who was awarded a bronze sphinx statuette, which symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, and perseverance.


  • Who Are Mentors and How To Become One at ITMO

    With 2023 declared the Year of Teacher and Mentor in Russia, ITMO University is launching a new initiative for all those wishing to share their knowledge and experience with others and help newcomers adapt to their workplace. Let’s find out more about the project from ITMO’s recruitment and staff adaptation specialists.


  • St. Petersburg’s First Esports Gaming Venue Opens at ITMO

    KronBars Arena is a state-of-the-art e-gaming location with powerful desktops, last-gen consoles, and a recording studio where prospective and current students, as well as employees, from ITMO and other universities can record podcasts and streaming videos, play computer games, and participate in esports tournaments.


  • ITMO Named Best Employer Among St. Petersburg Universities

    Being a first-time nominee, ITMO University managed to break into the top five of the annual ranking of employers by HeadHunter (or HH, a popular Russian job search website – Ed.) as the only finalist from St. Petersburg in the category Science and Education.


  • Russian Government to Invest Nearly Seven Billion Rubles in ITMO Highpark

    On October 20, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed an executive order to allocate 6.8 billion rubles to construct ITMO Highpark, a world-class research, education, and innovation center in the satellite city Yuzhny.


  • ITMO Welcomes Its First-Year Students

    ITMO.GO celebrated the newly-added members of ITMO.Family on the square in front of the Baltic House Festival Theater on the last day of summer. Students gathered to learn more about their new alma mater and make some new friends.


  • ITMO Student Makes App to Play Music With Emotions

    Emotion recognition is widely used to monitor the emotional state of drivers, prevent health hazards, or deliver new gaming experiences – but what about art? Can such technologies, say, help musicians compose or improvise? They certainly can, says Garri Proshian, a graduate of ITMO’s Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems, who has created a service that allows you to play musical instruments hands-free, using only your facial expressions. Learn more about his invention in the article.