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  • A Chance Not To Be Missed: Winners of ITMO.STARS on How To Study for Free and Work on Dream Projects

    The ITMO.STARS contest allows talented applicants from throughout Russia to enroll in the university's Bachelor’s programs on tuition-free basis regardless of their Unified State Exam (USE) scores. Since 2019, over 60 students have had the opportunity to study and carry on with their projects at ITMO for free via the initiative. Learn more about the students’ successes and the application process below.


  • ITMO University to Welcome Record Number of ITMO.STARS Winners

    The results of ITMO.STARS 2023 – an individual achievement contest for prospective students – have been announced, with 26 participants from 15 Russian regions being awarded an opportunity to study at the university’s expense.


  • ITMO Launches National Quest for Prospective Students

    ITMO University has put up billboards in 12 Russian cities, inviting creative and talented prospective students to take on a countrywide challenge for a chance to study in one of the university’s Bachelor’s programs for free. Registration is open till July 16. 


  • Enrolling As an ITMO Star: A Wealth of Opportunities

    Four years ago, ITMO University launched ITMO.STARS, a unique initiative that allows applicants to enroll at the university based on their personal accomplishments. Several dozens of gifted students entered the university as ITMO.STARS since – and this year the first cohort of them is graduating with their Bachelor’s degrees. In this special series, we present seven stories of these first graduates, who share how taking part in ITMO.STARS changed their lives, what projects they are implementing at the university, and what they are dreaming of next.


  • ITMO Quest: A Mysterious Haiku in the Streets of St. Petersburg

    A mysterious haiku that appeared on billboards all around St. Petersburg led over 5,000 curious minds to a hardcore IT quest designed by ITMO’s experts. The first participant to get through all of the challenges secured the main prize – a place in one of the university’s Bachelor’s programs.


  • ITMO.STARS Winners On Career, Science, and New Projects

    The ITMO.STARS contest (application deadline: July 25) allows talented applicants to enroll at ITMO University regardless of their Unified State Exam scores. This initiative was launched five years ago and since then, several dozen gifted applicants submitted their projects and used them to enter the university. Last year, 19 students became finalists of the contest. In this story, some of them describe what they’ve managed to achieve since then.


  • ITMO.STARS 2021: Results, Winners, and Their Projects

    Four years ago, ITMO University introduced the ITMO.STARS contest for gifted prospective students. Winners receive an opportunity to enroll in the university’s educational programs without having to take any exams.


  • ITMO Summer Courses: Teachers Share Their Experiences Part 2

    In the second part of this two-part series, ITMO.NEWS continues to speak about summer schools for school students. Held under the aegis of ITMO.START, the intensive courses help prospective students find their niche and acquire new competencies. 


  • Winners of ITMO.STARS on Their Experience at ITMO University

    Initiated four years ago, ITMO.STARS is an unconventional admission competition meant for talented and motivated students who would like to study at ITMO University but couldn't earn enough USE points for a tuition-free position.


  • ITMO University Hosts the First IChem Prize Contest for School Students

    Twenty-five school students from different regions of Russia came to ITMO University to present their interdisciplinary projects on topics encompassing chemistry, biology, mathematics, and IT. Winners received monetary prizes, invitations to participate in the finals of ITMO.STARS, and paid internships at ITMO's Infochemistry Scientific Center.