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  • ITMO Staff Develop Cloud Platform for Virtual Labs

    The platform will allow students to perform their lab projects online and professors – to create hybrid laboratories based on real and virtual equipment, as well as automate the process of issuing and checking of students’ assignments.


  • ITMO.FUTURE: How to Help Develop ITMO and Boost Your Skills While at It

    ITMO.FUTURE is a project which aims to garner ideas on the university’s development, choose the best initiatives with the help of public voting and expert evaluation, and have these initiatives brought to life by ITMO students. A total of 25 projects have already been selected, with a search currently underway for specialists to implement them.


  • Perks of Student Life in St. Petersburg

    Did you know that QS ranks St. Petersburg as the 66th best city for students in the world? To help you get the most out of your stay in the city, be it a week or a year, we’ve put together a list of special offers and opportunities that students can enjoy in St. Petersburg.


  • Why ITMO is More than a University

    One of the reasons why you probably picked ITMO University is because it’s unlike any other university in Russia, and for that matter, the world. It’s a trailblazer, a pioneer and a visionary when it comes to just about anything: from making sure that every student is fluent in English to overhauling the entire curriculum to make it personalized and centered around you. Yes, it was ambitious and a little crazy, but you might as well get used to how we do things around here.  What can you check out today to get you off to a running start?


  • Preparing You For the Working World: Summer School in Singapore

    To be successful, you need both professional competencies and soft skills, also known as interpersonal or social skills. Ranked as one of the world’s leading universities, the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore launched the Preparing You For the Working World summer school for students from all over the globe. The event is aimed at teaching students valuable soft skills like teamwork, leadership and management skills, and other soft skills. ITMO University and the NTU are already collaborating on academic mobility programs, which gave this year's graduate student Anastasia Volkova, who is going to continue her professional career at ITMO, an opportunity to take part in the summer school. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, she shared her experience.