Perks of Student Life in St. Petersburg

Did you know that QS ranks St. Petersburg as the 66th best city for students in the world? To help you get the most out of your stay in the city, be it a week or a year, we’ve put together a list of special offers and opportunities that students can enjoy in St. Petersburg.

ITMO.Students app

The easiest way to score deals is with the ITMO.Students app (App Store; Google Play). From coffee and doughnuts to meal delivery, gadgets, and even haircuts, there are discounts on all sorts of things. You can also use it to sign up for short trips and events, as well as to keep an eye out for cool giveaways.


Student transit pass

If you live in St. Petersburg, you’re probably getting around by public transport, so it pays to get yourself a student transit pass. As of September 2019, the monthly rates are:

  • 1,035 roubles for both above ground transport and metro service;

  • 485 roubles for tram, trolleybus and bus;

  • 550 roubles for metro service.

You can acquire a temporary pass at any metro station till September 30 (bring your passport and a student ID) or pick from a variety of other ways. Keep in mind that the pass doesn’t cover marshrutkas or suburban trains. 

The Hermitage. Credit:
The Hermitage. Credit:

Museums and palaces

If you’re going to visit one museum in St. Petersburg, it’s got to be the State Hermitage Museum. As a student, you can take in the wonders of the world’s art completely free. At 50% off, you can enjoy the imperial beauty and art collections at Mikhailovsky Palace, Stroganov Palace and the Marble Palace. But, of course, that’s merely

Mikhailovsky Theater. Credit:
Mikhailovsky Theater. Credit:


You wouldn’t be in the cultural capital if you didn’t try out the theater experience. Unlike in many other cities, theaters in St. Petersburg hold professional performances almost every day, so you can always find something exciting. Take in a magnificent performance at the world-famous Mariinsky Theater or try something more avant garde. You can acquire discount tickets through ITMO’s Culture Club. 

Vitebsky Railroad Station. Credit:
Vitebsky Railroad Station. Credit:

Train tickets

ITMO students also enjoy a 25% discount on tickets for long-distance trains as well fast suburban trains. To receive it, you have to sign up for the RZD Bonus program and select the “student” category when purchasing a ticket. 

Short trips

Discounted train tickets might just might be an excellent opportunity to explore Russia by rail or take a short trip from St. Petersburg and spend a weekend in Helsinki, Tallinn, or Moscow, among others. Or you can join a group of like-minded students on an organized trip, also at student-friendly rates, through ITMO.Students

You'll find this exquisite foie-gras-and-strawberries burger at KetchUp Burgers. Credit:
You'll find this exquisite foie-gras-and-strawberries burger at KetchUp Burgers. Credit:

Restaurants and cafes

Ginza Project restaurants and #FARШ and KetchUp burger joints will take 10% to 30% off your bill upon seeing your student ID. Small cafes oftentimes will offer perks like a free fifth cup of coffee or a compliment from the chef. The easiest way is to keep track of such offers is through the ITMO.Students app or VK page. 

Aurora Cinema. Credit:
Aurora Cinema. Credit:


Some cinemas offer student discounts (usually about 10%) but it’s a somewhat fluid situation so it’s best to check before you go. 

The ITMO.Students office periodically gathers student groups to see movie premieres in good company and at discounted rates, or even hosts free screenings at the university.  You can keep track of these events on Instagram or VK

Most films in Russia are dubbed, but screenings of foreign films in their original language have become highly popular in recent years. Check SubsCity for a list of all the films currently screening with subtitles. ITMO University’s very own English Speaking Club also hosts monthly Movie Nights, which even feature post-viewing discussion sessions!

ISIC Discounts

You’re probably familiar with ISIC, an international student ID system. It works in Russia, too, and unlocks a treasure trove of discounts on everything from books and clothes to hostels and classical music concerts. Our favorites are a place where you can eat with your hands and snarky and colorful St. Friday socks.

General rule of thumb? Always ask and sometimes you shall receive!

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