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  • Russia’s Big Tech and Top Universities Sign Declaration on Responsible Use of Generative AI

    During the AI Day at the Russia Expo, the country’s major companies, including Sber, Yandex, and MTS, and leading universities such as the Higher School of Economics, Skoltech, Innopolis, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, ITMO University, and the Institute for System Programming of the RAS, have signed a declaration on responsible development and use of services based on generative AI. The document details the ethical principles, recommendations, and proper procedures relating to the application of generative AI.


  • Student Spotlight: Subhrajit Barua, India

    Subhajit Barua is a PhD student at ITMO’s Faculty of Biotechnologies and a member of the English-language editorial team here at ITMO.NEWS. We first interviewed him back in 2020, when he was still new to ITMO. This time, we decided to ask him all about a major international event he has recently attended, as well as discover if he remains as charmed with ITMO as he once was – all these years down the line. Keep reading – you might be surprised by his answers!


  • First International Conference of ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School Attracts Over 200 Participants

    BIOCON 2023 was the first international conference in biotechnologies organized by ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School (AES). Hosted in Almetyevsk, it brought together around 250 scientists and entrepreneurs from 14 countries. The conference’s main aim was to create a platform for international cooperation, interdisciplinary research, and academic exchange.


  • Malaysian Researcher Meisam Tabatabaei on Biofuels and the Role They Can Play in Transitioning to a More Sustainable Future

    According to estimates, last year the global biofuel market reached $117 billion and is expected to exceed $200 billion by 2030, with the most rapid growth expected in African and Middle Eastern countries. Why is research in this field currently in demand and what are the challenges that scientists have yet to overcome? We discussed this topic with Professor Meisam Tabatabaei from the Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, who has been working in the field of biomass, biofuels, and biorefineries for over 15 years and has collaborated with the UNDP to promote waste-oriented biofuels for almost a decade. This year, Prof. Tabatabaei is to take part in BIOCON, an international biotech conference organized by ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School.


  • WUD@ITMO 2022: Career-Building Skills and UI for Healthcare

    Since 2005, every second Thursday of November has been celebrated as World Usability Day (WUD), a day when UX and UI designers come together to share their cases and ideas on improving user experience. ITMO honors the occasion with its own international conference WUD@ITMO, which was held this year for the eighth time. Learn all about the main topics discussed at the event in this article.


  • Turn to Light: Using Lighting Solutions to Attract Visitors to Cultural Events

    We use lighting in everyday life, for instance, to organize our workspaces, but lighting engineers, artists, and designers apply it in more creative ways. What color temperature works best for a particular painting? Can lighting attract more visitors to historical museums and classical music concerts? And how can we make street installations and light shows appealing to millions of people every year? Here is a recap of the most interesting cases presented at the recent international conference Lighting Design.


  • Lighting Design Conference Showcases Future of Urban Lighting in St. Petersburg

    On October 13-14, industry experts, local authorities, and lighting design specialists gathered together at the 6th Lighting Design Conference to discuss a range of topics, from how lighting design can help create a comfortable and safe urban environment to what the city’s lighting system will look like in eight years. Aside from the discussions, the conference featured the reveal of a city-wide lighting design concept for the St. Petersburg of 2030. Here is a recap of the recent conference.


  • Announcing the Upcoming International Conference on Robotization of Chemical Technologies

    On October 21-23, ITMO University will host an international conference on the robotization of chemical technologies that will feature presentations by keynote speakers in infochemistry and сhemical robotization, round-table talks with business representatives, and a school for young scientists on research methods in materials science. The event is organized by ITMO’s Infochemistry Scientific Center and will be held both online and offline.


  • Lasers for All Occasions: Highlights from International Symposium FLAMN-2022

    On June 27-30, ITMO University hosted the international symposium Fundamentals of Laser Micro- and Nanotechnologies (FLAMN), a major research and industry event in the field of lasers, where the top experts in science, medicine, industry, and art discussed the future of laser micro- and nanotechnologies and presented their cutting-edge research results. 


  • Devices for Well-Being and Safety: ITMO’s Young Researchers Participate in Laser Optics International Conference

    The International Conference Laser Optics is held in St. Petersburg biannually. It welcomes researchers in the fields of physics, optics, and photonics, who discuss topical issues and present their achievements. Read on to discover what young scientists from ITMO demonstrated at the event and how their inventions will change lives.