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  • One Perfect Day: Feel Italian in St. Petersburg

    Borders might still be closed, but why not enjoy a day of la dolce vita in Russia's most Italian city? Welcome dear friends, or as they say in Italy, benvenuti, cari amici!


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: December 12-13

    Newsflash: there are only three weekends left in 2020! Now, we don’t know what the next year will bring us, but what we can surely do is see this one off in style. Here’s our guide on how to do it this weekend with lots of movies and an open-air exhibition – plus some ballet recommendations!


  • ITMO University Begins Partnership With Italian Embassy’s Trade Promotion Office

    This June, SCAMT Laboratory staff member Elizaveta Anastasova and Faculty of Physics and Engineering specialists Ivan Iorsh and Mikhail Mukhin took part in the NanoInnovation 2019 scientific conference in Rome, Italy. Their visit was made possible thanks to ITMO University’s collaboration with the Trade Promotion Office of the Italian Embassy (ICE). In the future, the two parties plan to develop more joint projects. More on the conference and future prospects – in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • ITMO and University of Bologna Cooperate in Science and Education

    How is recycling organized in Italy, what is transition engineering all about, and how can its principles be applied to the operation of Russian companies in order to form a really effective recycling management system? Anastasia Pavlova, senior lecturer at the Department of Industrial Ecology and Safety, is working on a project that manages raw materials and wastes from the food industry, which answers these questions. She recently won an Italian government grant and has gone to the University of Bologna - the country's second largest university and the oldest educational establishment in Europe. In the course of her internship, not only does Anastasia plan to study Italian practices, but also enhance cooperation with Italian universities.


  • ITMO Students Share Summer Internship Stories

    Every summer, ITMO students travel all over the world to participate in internships and visit the world’s largest companies and universities. Internships have long ago stopped being simple working affairs and are now seen as exciting adventures and a way to gain unique experience. ITMO.NEWS has prepared a few stories about our students’ most fascinating summer internships – from working at Google to being a science journalist in Sicily.


  • European Hackathon Winners Came to ITMO to Study Programming

    The Open Data Hackathon took place in May, in Bolzano (Italy), bringing together developers and data scientists from all across Europe. For 24 hours, the teams worked on creating a working prototype based on one of their ideas. The winners of the hackathon took the main prize: a trip to St. Petersburg for a two-day intensive programming course at ITMO University. This year, ITMO has become a seven-time winner of ACM ICPC and remains the world record holder for most wins