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  • Student Spotlight: Saadiallakh Normatov, Kazakhstan

    22-year-old Saadiallakh Normatov traveled from his home in Kazakhstan to ITMO driven by a passion for his craft – computational chemistry. Now a student in the Infochemistry Master’s program, he shares the origin of his story, his first impressions of ITMO, and some insider’s tips for those wishing to follow in his footsteps and join the Infochemistry Scientific Center.


  • Student Spotlight: Alexander Saitov, Kazakhstan

    From sunny Kazakhstan to Tomsk and then to St. Petersburg – Alexander Saitov’s academic journey has truly taken him places! A student at ITMO’s FoodTech Master’s program, he is very passionate about his field. In this interview, we talk about his interest in biotechnologies, discover how he found his calling, and learn his invaluable advice for making friends in a new country. Keep reading to learn his story!


  • Student Spotlight: Akylzhan Kerimbay, Kazakhstan

    Join us for an engaging conversation with Akylzhan, an international student from Kazakhstan, as we explore his life in St. Petersburg and delve into the exciting details of his recent representation of ITMO at an education fair in his hometown. Read on to discover this unique individual whose passion for IT is matched only by his enthusiasm for making a difference.


  • ITMO University Signs Partnership Agreement With Kazakhstan’s Center for International Programs

    ITMO University has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Kazakhstan-based Center for International Programs. According to the document, students from Kazakhstan will have the opportunity to study at the university as part of the international program Bolashak. In addition, ITMO will expand its academic and scientific collaborations with Kazakhstan’s universities.


  • Alyona Kudlayeva: Dance Helped Me Learn More About Myself

    Coming from the central Asian country of Kazakhstan, from the city of Shymkent, Alyona Kudlayeva has just graduated from ITMO’s Science Communication master’s program and shares a bit about her studies and some facts about her passion – dance.  


  • ITMO Accelerator Graduate Gets $10 Million to Prevent Road Accidents

    The St. Petersburg-based project Road Accident Solver, which specializes in the development of road accident analysis and prevention software, has signed a $10 million contract with the Kazakhstan-based company TOO IT Creation. Kazakhstan has one of the world’s highest rates of deaths in traffic incidents, which is why the parties plan to use Road Accident Solver software to reduce the number of accidents and develop smart-city systems.


  • Students of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University on Research and Exchange at ITMO

    Why and how to calculate heat losses in apartment complexes, how thermal shield materials are created, and how to optimize energy consumption: these are the hot topics the seven students of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University worked on during their exchange at ITMO. ITMO.NEWS met the young researchers to talk about what surprised them in the Russian education system, what projects they managed to accomplish here and why heat power engineering is a promising field to explore for Russia and their home country of Kazakhstan.