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  • New Master’s Program at ITMO: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

    Students of the program will work on projects in more than 15 fields, from molecular biology and nanopharmaceuticals to 3D printing and bioinformatics.


  • ITMO Researchers Present Automated Mobile Laboratory For Artificial Heart Development

    A mini laboratory for managing cell and bacterial systems was created as a result of collaboration between scientists from ITMO University, Siberian Federal University, the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, and the research and manufacturing association Prolab. The project, recently presented at the Almazov National Medical Research Centre, will be used to grow cell cultures and create experiment-based databases; another avenue opened by the device is the development of an artificial heart. Learn more about the project and the possibilities it presents in this article.


  • ITMO and Sberbank Take Partnership to Next Level With New Staff Training Center

    The strategic partnership between ITMO University and Sberbank in the field of robotics begins a new chapter: since 2019, the university and the banking company have offered the joint Master’s program Robotics and Artificial Intelligence; now, the program’s graduates will take leading roles as employees of the bank’s Robotics Laboratory. Here, they will work on cutting-edge R&D. The company is conducting projects on the international scientific frontier – more precisely, the field of embodied intelligence – with plans to develop the national high-tech market of service robotics.


  • Exploring Russia’s First BioArt Lab at ITMO University

    ITMO’s Art & Science Center is now home to BioArt Lab – the one and so far the only laboratory of biotechnological art in Russia. With acclaimed artist and biologist Ippolit Markelov as its founder, the laboratory welcomes not only students of the Art & Science program but also students of other specializations and visiting artists. Learn more about the lab’s research and how you can join below.


  • Results of ITMO's 2030 Open Call for Projects Announced

    All six projects selected by the expert board will now enter development and receive funding from the Priority 2030 program, with the first progress review slated for June 2023. The open call for projects is being held as part of the university’s 2030 Development Strategy.


  • ITMO’s New Lab To Develop Next-Gen Sensors and Associated Technologies

    ITMO’s Infochemistry Scientific Center has recently launched a new lab, where students and researchers will conduct experiments in organic, inorganic, physical, and electrochemistry. There, they will develop materials for next-gen sensors and optics, as well as implement food- and biotech projects.


  • ITMO Launches Two New Labs for Young Researchers

    As a result of a contest held as part of the Science and Universities national project by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, six new AI-focused laboratories are to open in St. Petersburg. Two of them have already launched at ITMO University – read on to learn about the way composite AI and intelligent technologies for infochemistry will be studied at ITMO.


  • Scientific Leadership: ITMO Hosts PI School by SCAMT

    The PI School is designed for young scholars wishing to learn how to put together teams, pose scientific objectives, seek project funding, and publish their results in major peer-reviewed journals. At the end of the one-week course, students will present their roadmaps for creating research laboratories that will be noticed not only in Russia but also in the world.


  • Hackathons in Education: ITMO Team Shares Their Experience

    ITMO’s Natural Systems Simulation Lab, operating within the National Center for Cognitive Research, is integrating hackathons into education and research. One of its first great triumphs is an ML model called FEDOT that impressed the expert board and brought the lab’s team a victory at the Emergency DataHack.


  • What ITMO’s Latest Lab Equipment Expansion Means for Student Research

    ITMO University has recently acquired a major batch of new lab equipment: from simple lab kits to professional machinery. Read on to learn what opportunities this offers for ITMO students.