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  • Everything You Need To Know About Mathematics Behind Internet

    Is it possible to describe how the internet works using the laws of physics and mathematics? How does the theory of six degrees of separation manifest itself in cyberspace? Why are some sites cited often and others aren’t cited at all? And how can this knowledge improve search engines? Here are the key takeaways from the talk by Andrei Raigorodskii, a Russian mathematician and the head of the Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (MIPT), which was delivered as part of the Russian Physics Day 2023.


  • Cancer Explained: How Scientists Can Tame the Disease

    Started by a single mutation in a cell, cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide that killed nearly 10 million people in 2020. In the article, Evgeniya Platonova, a Master’s student at ITMO’s SCAMT Institute, explains what cancer is and how it starts, and shares what medical advances are already helping to combat the disease.


  • Make Your Own IT Project With VK Mini Apps

    You don’t need to be a developer or work at an IT company to make your own digital product. With VK Mini Apps, anyone can create one. Recently, the service’s DevRel Dmitry Zadokhin presented the platform at an open talk at ITMO. Here are the main takeaways from the event. 


  • The Future of Hard Drives: Hot Bits and Laser Recordings

    Alexandra Kalashnikova, head of the Ferroics Physics Laboratory at the Ioffe Institute and an associate professor at ITMO, has given a public talk at the Open Lectorium at New Holland Island. In an hour, she explained why we still use magnetic hard drives and will keep doing so in the coming decades. 


  • What Fashion and Urban Design Have in Common

    Why is the fashion of the future related to cities? How to make the production of clothes more eco-friendly? Olga Johnston Antonova, a leading expert in sustainable fashion in Russia and creator of the Redshift in Fashion project, talked about the eco-footprint of the fashion industry and common goals of urban design and fashion at an online lecture for ITMO students.


  • Watermelon Snow and Palm-Size Snowflakes: Exciting Facts About Snow

    How many points does a snowflake really have? How does its structure inspire mathematicians and game developers? Where does the most snow fall? And why isn’t it always white? We recently visited a discussion, held as part of the Break Down by Atoms popular science initiative, and wrote down some of the most fascinating, surprising, and coolest facts about snow.


  • Harvard Professor Stefanie Stantcheva on the Role of Surveys and Experiments in Economy

    Stefanie Stantcheva, one of 2018’s best young economists according to The Economist, has recently given a talk as part of a guest lecture series at the New Economic School (NES) and talked about why the public's perceptions of economic problems are valuable for scientists. In this article, ITMO.NEWS sums up the main points of her speech.


  • Nuclear Physics in Popular Movies: How Real Is That?

    Does Tony Stark have a heart? How did Doc manage to send DeLorean into the future? Why was Homer Simpson allowed to work at a nuclear plant? Sergey Pravosud, a graduate of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, discussed the most popular myths from the world of cinema at an open lecture arranged by the Atomic Energy Information Center in Tomsk. We summarized it for you.


  • Evolutionary Biologist: The Brain Attracts a Lot of Attention, but We Still Don’t Know Much About It

    Philipp Khaitovich, an evolutionary biologist and professor at the Skoltech Center for Neurobiology and Brain Restoration, has held an online lecture about the most complex and mysterious human organ – the brain. ITMO.NEWS wrote down the main talking points.


  • The Internet is Aging Fast: Yandex’s Grigory Bakunov on 2020’s Tech Trends

    Throughout last week, ITMO hosted the events of the “I am a Professional” competition’s Winter School. 180 students from 43 Russian regions came to this educational program that was organized by ITMO in collaboration with Sberbank. On its first day, Grigory Bakunov, director of technology distribution at Yandex, gave a lecture on trends that will affect business and technologies in the near future.