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  • Nobel Prize in Physics 2023 Awarded to Researchers Who Made the Impossible Possible

    The 2023 Nobel Prize was awarded to Pierre Agostini, Ferenc Krausz, and Anne L'Huillier for producing short pulses of light that make it possible to see inside atoms and molecules. The laureates were announced during a live stream on the Nobel Assembly's website on October 3. ITMO.NEWS asked Dmitry Karlovets, a senior researcher at ITMO’s School of Physics and Engineering, to weigh in on the trio’s experiment and the prospects of their finding.


  • Svetoskop Museum of Fascinating Physics Launches in Kronstadt With ITMO Support

    How to fly using optical illusions, why white clothes glow bright under UV light, and how to put planes in the air with the energy of light – these and other things are explained at the Svetoskop Museum of Fascinating Physics, which has just opened in a new public space in the town of Kronstadt near St. Petersburg. Supported by ITMO, the museum helps its guests not only experience, but also to get to the bottom of various optical and mechanical phenomena – and even stage their own experiments.


  • Art & Science of the 1920s: ITMO Graduate Creates 3D Visualization of Guidoni’s Luminous Monument

    Art historians Olga Kolganova and Anna Spiridonova joined forces with ITMO graduate Sofia Petrash to recreate the monument originally designed by Grigory Guidoni. Read on to learn more about the process behind the project – from the initial idea to its presentation at a conference. 


  • ITMO University Researchers Predict New Quantum Phase of Matter in Chains of Oscillating Atoms

    The results of this research can be used to control the properties of light and matter and to create quantum memory.


  • Ancient Art & Science, or What Killed the Medusa

    ITMO professor Sergei Stafeev recently delivered a lecture in which he spoke about how Greek philosophers succeeded in discovering many of the laws of optics, how these discoveries were reflected in art, and what’s similar about the story of Medusa and one of the Harry Potter books. ITMO.NEWS put down the main ideas.


  • Interactive Media Design: a New Specialization of ITMO’s Master’s Program in Lighting Design

    Starting from the fall semester of the 2020/2021 academic year, the Master’s program in Lighting Design will feature a new, additional specialization in interactive media design. 


  • Light, Health, and Interior Design: LIGHT4HEALTH Summer School at ITMO

    The first summer school of the LIGHT4HEALTH project has ended. Students of ITMO University’s Master’s programs Lighting Design and Industrial Design, as well as students of four partner universities have completed the course hosted by the University of Wolverhampton. Students were given five days to learn how seemingly ordinary home lighting can affect people's lives and health from a scientific and practical perspective. At the end of the course all students presented their own lighting projects, which they created with actual living conditions of the UK’s households in mind.


  • Smoke and Mirrors: ITMO’s Lighting Designers to Present Projects at Light Nights in Gatchina Festival

    Why technologies matter but maybe not so much, what inspires the creative youth of today, and how better to use lighting designers’ main tool of trade: these are some of the questions ITMO.NEWS asked the students and graduates of ITMO University’s Master’s program in Lighting Design. Their innovative projects were selected as art residents of this year’s international festival “Light Nights in Gatchina”, which will take place on August 16-17. 


  • ITMO Master’s Students Win National Lighting Design Competition

    Second-year students of the Lighting Design Master’s program at ITMO University are named among the winners of Russia’s biggest lighting design competition. Winners received their awards during the international exhibition Interlight Moscow powered by Light + Building. Three projects by ITMO students were included in the top-10 list of interior lighting designs. 


  • The History of Light in Art

    For a long time, light was only seen as a functional element of everyday life. Over time, artists have begun to study its properties, the ways it can accentuate shapes and textures. In the 20th century, it became its own “character” in art, architecture, theater and performance art. Caty Olive, a light designer and artist from France, spoke about the history of people’s relationship with light at a lecture in St. Petersburg. The event took place at Alexandrinsky Theatre’s New Stage, supported by ITMO University’s Higher School of Lighting Design.