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  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #18

    Today, we’ve got a whole lot of research to share with you, dear reader: from an anti-art forgery invention to a promising cancer treatment. And after that, we’ve got insights into the art of lighting design, a celebration of holography, and even a pop-sci collaboration with the city’s top bakery chain.


  • Turn to Light: Using Lighting Solutions to Attract Visitors to Cultural Events

    We use lighting in everyday life, for instance, to organize our workspaces, but lighting engineers, artists, and designers apply it in more creative ways. What color temperature works best for a particular painting? Can lighting attract more visitors to historical museums and classical music concerts? And how can we make street installations and light shows appealing to millions of people every year? Here is a recap of the most interesting cases presented at the recent international conference Lighting Design.


  • Lighting Design Conference Showcases Future of Urban Lighting in St. Petersburg

    On October 13-14, industry experts, local authorities, and lighting design specialists gathered together at the 6th Lighting Design Conference to discuss a range of topics, from how lighting design can help create a comfortable and safe urban environment to what the city’s lighting system will look like in eight years. Aside from the discussions, the conference featured the reveal of a city-wide lighting design concept for the St. Petersburg of 2030. Here is a recap of the recent conference.


  • ITMO Researchers Increase Productivity Using Smart Lighting

    You can’t help but notice that your mood and productivity depend on lighting. Many researchers study this phenomenon and ITMO scientists are no exception. Researchers from the Cognitive Non-Verbality Laboratory of ITMO University’s National Center for Cognitive Research decided to study this phenomenon and conducted a two-month-long experiment in the framework of which volunteers had to work in a specially equipped coworking space with different lighting modes. Discover the research results in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • Lumen in the Land of Nanite: What the Unreal Engine 5 Demo Tells Us About the Future of Video Game Graphics

    Epic Games recently revealed a new demo of the fifth generation of their Unreal Engine, running live on the upcoming PlayStation 5. The Unreal Engine 5 tech demo revolves around two next-gen technologies called Lumen and Nanite. The first is promised to bring fully dynamic global illumination to upcoming titles, while the other focuses on rendering an unprecedented number of polygons in real time.


  • The Work of a Lighting Designer: Creating Magic on Concerts and Fashion Shows

    Marina Lavrikova, a lighting designer with 20 years of professional experience under her belt, has recently given an open lecture in St. Petersburg. She talked about the specifics of her work, the process of getting ready for an event and the most popular equipment in the field. The lecture was held at Yasnaya Polyana coworking space. 


  • Returning to the Path of Human: St. Petersburg to Host Lighting Design International Conference

    “No matter how much we talk about the progress and the synthesis of technologies, no magic will happen until there is one irreplaceable component – a human being,” says Denis Astakhov, CEO of Avocado Toast, of the main idea behind the international scientific-practical conference “Lighting Design” in 2019. We stand on the brink of the Russian lighting industry development, where previous approaches lose their relevance. While some companies anticipate changes, and others try to solve short-term problems, there are those who look to the future and consider the possibility of creating a comfortable lighting environment in the context of digitalization. Organized by ITMO University together with the State Hermitage Museum and the ARCHCLUB social and professional project, the “Lighting Design” conference will be dedicated to this particular topic, as well as the role of humans in the lighting industry development.


  • ITMO Master’s Student Yan Koval on His Internship in Denmark and Importance of Public Opinion in Lighting Design

    Yan Koval, a second-year Master’s student of ITMO University’s program in Lighting Design has returned from a short-term internship at Aalborg University (Denmark). We spoke to Yan and learned about the differences in Copenhagen and St. Petersburg’s lighting cultures, the importance of public opinion in designing a lighting environment, and how Denmark is making its lighting eco-friendly.


  • Light in the City: How Light Affects Our Mood and Emotions

    May 16 is celebrated globally as the International Day of Light. Established by UNESCO, it is a global initiative that provides a platform for the continued appreciation of light and the role it plays in science, culture, and art. To commemorate this day, Mikhail Ivanov, a lighting designer and chief expert on urban lighting projects at the Strelka design bureau, gave an open lecture at the State Russian Museum’s Multimedia Center about the key factors one needs to consider when developing good urban lighting solutions.


  • ITMO Master’s Students Win National Lighting Design Competition

    Second-year students of the Lighting Design Master’s program at ITMO University are named among the winners of Russia’s biggest lighting design competition. Winners received their awards during the international exhibition Interlight Moscow powered by Light + Building. Three projects by ITMO students were included in the top-10 list of interior lighting designs.