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  • Song of the Month: March 2020

    In these hard times, we listen harder! To scientific advice and to music, that is. Refer to the trusty WHO for the former, and as for the latter, here’s what has been the ITMO.NEWS editorial team’s music escapism of choice this month.


  • Song of the Month: February 2020

    In search for some music inspiration? A diverse mix of genres and countries awaits in this monthly playlist by the ITMO.NEWS editorial team!


  • Song of the Month: December 2019

    Ready to finish the big 2019 off with some fantabulous music in tow? From alternative holiday hits to old-time faves, melancholic ballads and energizing bops, this playlist by the ITMO.NEWS editorial team has something for everyone! Happy New Year – see you in the next one!


  • Song of the Month: August 2019

    Summer never ends with this playlist of songs favored by ITMO.NEWS editorial team this August!


  • Song of the Month: July 2019

    Another month, another playlist closer to fall, but don’t let the blues get you down. Instead, listen to the blues, and to elegant, enveloping jazz, and to funky, colorful pop, and to uplifting, poignant rock, and to weighty, authentic hip hop, shaken but not stirred in our this month’s list of music favorites! 


  • Song of the Month: June 2019

    Swing to the full swing of summer with ITMO.NEWS editorial team’s music favorites from the month of June!


  • Song of the Month: April 2019

    Here comes the sun – and our regular compilation of all the songs we at ITMO.NEWS have been listening to this month! From nostalgic vinyl records to voguish French electro pop and cool movie soundtrack offerings, we hope that you find something to take away to your own playlists. Enjoy!