This all-around hectic and unsettling month, I was craving something soothing that would take my mind off all this uncertainty. Luckily, I was able to find two equally effective ways to access the one part of my brain yet unaffected by the latest news. The first one is the freshly baked EP by one modern American romantic, Adam Melchor, with my personal heart-warming and tear-inducing favorite, which is, has to be, JEWEL (I also highly recommend you listen to this cover because I honestly can’t say which one I love more). 

My second salvation is from the other side of the pond, and rather an old-time preference of mine, Gabrielle Aplin. She’s recently released a new EP as well, but I was musing on her older ones, reminiscing over the careless days long gone now, when I stumbled upon Take Me Away, and couldn’t get it out of my head, heart and soul for days on end. Well, I still can’t, and, hopefully, it will affect you just as much, taking you away to a better time and a safer place. 


My “this month in music” is not one song but a whole bunch of them, united under the funky umbrella of Franz Ferdinand’s Late Night Tales. Something new, something retro, something covered and something borrowed: this Scottish band’s mix for the curated compilation album series has it all and more, shifting seamlessly from melancholic to kooky to groovy to sweet to melancholic back again. It’s honestly so much fun to listen to – do give it a go!

Anna H

Keeping the umbrella theme, my go-to song has been a funky ‘60s cover of Rihanna’s Umbrella by a German band The Baseballs. Bring out those A-line skirts and grease and keep them toes tapping even on the rainiest of days.


For this song of the month, I decided to choose Depressione Caspica by Italian band C.S.I., previously known as CCCP Fedeli Alla Linea. This band is famous for creating songs that may remind you of religious chanting. Most obvious example is their Punk Islam song. 

Depressione Caspica, however, is more relaxing. I find its melody very smooth and hypnotizing, and repetitive lyrics are quite poetic. For example, some of the often-quoted lines go like this (roughly translated from Italian): If obedience is dignity, fortitude / (Then) Freedom is a form of constraint. I feel like it captures the melancholy and wisdom of a mature man, as opposed to their early punk music.


This March, I’ve listened to a lot of wonderful music – I’m grateful to this month at least for this if not for something else – and that’s why I’ll share with you not one but three songs (sorry not sorry).

If you’re in the mood for something sad, thoughtful and sensual, it will be perfect to listen to I Love Our Home by Tom Rhodes. This song calms me down and makes me remember the things I love and appreciate most. <3

Another song that restores my sometimes shaky harmony and tells me that I can always find something beautiful wherever I am is Still Want To Be Here by Frightened Rabbit. This lively and deep indie rock by a wonderful Scottish band is calm enough to listen to while working and peppy enough to give you strength to get the job done.

And last but not least, the song that embodies lunatic energy and inspires me to switch on the “no-panic” mode: Is Everybody Going Crazy? by one of my very favorite British bands, Nothing But Thieves (whose concert I was supposed to attend today, but alas). Listen to it to shake off any panic and hopelessness – and just dance to the beat.